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After gaining popularity, the Russell Brand Show was moved from Sunday mornings on BBC 6 Music to BBC Radio 2, where it was given a primetime slot of 9pm til 11pm every Saturday. This allowed for Russell to secure interviews with various a-list celebrities, including Zippy from Rainbow, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street, Geoff Capes, C3P0, Grotbags, the creator of Bagpuss, the creator of Superted, Trigger from Only Fools and Horses and Mike from Neighbours to name but a few. As well as fuelling his own nostalgia for 80s TV, Russell also used the show to interview a whole host of beloved and iconic musicians, actors, public figures and celebrities, too many to list here. The move to Radio 2 was very much the start of a new era for The Russell Brand Show. The station gave the show a platform to truly spread its wings and establish itself as (in my opinion) one of the greatest radio shows of all time. This website wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2.

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The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2

Episode 39 Aired 16 December 2006

Masculinity- Femininity.Shagger Of The Year. Go For Your Guns. Fights- Do Women Like Men To Fight For Them?

 |   9,477
 |   625
 |   50.5 MB
 |   01:12:53

The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2

Episode 38 Aired 09 December 2006

Fame - LULU!. Secret Radio 2 Dinner. Bionic Arm. Noel's embarrassing Morrissey story.

 |   11,215
 |   643
 |   57.8 MB
 |   01:23:38

The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2

Episode 37 Aired 02 December 2006

Self Improvement. Farm Animals. Taxi Driver. Cars Are wrong. Football Chant. Mossisey

 |   9,107
 |   528
 |   55.2 MB
 |   01:19:47

The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2

Episode 36 Aired 25 November 2006

Personal Conspiracy Theories - COOPER. Too Tight Jeans. Russ In Knickers. Raw Meat In Bras. Uptown Girls. "Monty!"

 |   10,090
 |   722
 |   49 MB
 |   01:10:45

The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2

Episode 35 Aired 18 November 2006

First BBC2 Show. Awkward Class Situations. Hotel Collage about Matt being A Pedo. Buckingham Palace. Posh Begging.Football Chant.

 |   13,805
 |   901
 |   59.3 MB
 |   01:25:43
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