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Russell's first regular radio show since his departure from Radio 2 in October 2008. Co-hosted by the nations favourite hypochondriac and every-man, Matt Morgan. Also featuring poems and chat from Mr Gee.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 30 Aired 26 November 2017

Celebrating 30 episodes back on-air by throwing a loving embrace around wrinkly rocker Noel Gallagher, and lobbing business ideas at former Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’ Theo Paphitis like he’s some sort of capitalist coconut shy.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 27 Aired 05 November 2017

Do you like board games? Russell most certainly does. This week we heard from Hamish & Andy and found out that Matt might be from the past. Plus a chat with Tom Morgan, the real life "Up" Balloon man!

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 23 Aired 01 October 2017

They said it wouldn't happen! One of the ideas from the show has finally been followed up! This week, we found out about Russell & Matt's heritage and it got a little competetive. Simon Amstell was on too, chatting about his (and Russell's) new book!

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 22 Aired 24 September 2017

This week Russell, Matt & Gee spoke to Neil Harbisson: He's a real life cyborg dontcha know!? He's even got an antenna! After that - author David Collin came on to help Russell further his plan to purchase an island utopia! The Revolution is coming!

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 32 Aired 10 December 2017

This week, Russell & Matt spoke to Dr Lindsey Fitzharris about cutting people's legs off in Victorian times. Nasty. Also, Wim Hof was on the phone with advice on dealing with the (EXTREME) cold. Plus, Matt's "Forgotten Knowledge" continues to blossom.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 26 Aired 29 October 2017

Matt is very worried about the lack of insects these days, so the team spoke to Nick Baker to find out what it all means! Also, Russell had a little accident.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 25 Aired 22 October 2017

This week, Russell chatted to Mark Sargent and he reckons the world is flat. Then Russell started talking about an emery board again! Plus, Matt doesn't think Russell would be very good at living on the streets.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 29 Aired 19 November 2017

Russell is keen to dispel the idea that he keeps a foot in all faiths just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Druidry is the answer? Also, Matt's got a calming new item called "Forgotten Knowledge."

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 16 Aired 16 July 2017

Operation help a mate get a date is in full swing this week as Producer Gareth and Bekki Priestley finally give it a go on air. We're also in the presence of the UK's number 1 Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Mark Niemierko to help us plan the best #MMAS soirée. Get outside and tell the world about the Russell Brand on Radio X podcast, love, happiness and compassion guaranteed*.

*Cannot be guaranteed.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 13 Aired 26 June 2017

This week Russell raises the tone finally, Matt relives a photo shoot and we find out who 'cutie boots' is.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 33 Aired 17 December 2017

It happened. It really, really happened. A live broadcast (albeit with a 10 second delay), involving a metaphorical glass panel and a LIVE audience. What a beautiful thing.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 20 Aired 27 August 2017

Proving the boys wouldn't survive two minutes in the wild, they spoke to bush craft expert Lisa Fenton. Russell and Matt aided satirical cartoonist Brian Addcock with ideas and there was an argument over who would live in a Lighthouse.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 18 Aired 13 August 2017

Welcome dear listener. Before the Radio X show this week Russell sat down with former Vice President of the USA, Mr Al Gore. Hear clips of that, Matt's 40th birthday plans, MMA plans and plans about funerals and why you should be thinking about your death.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 31 Aired 03 December 2017

This week, Matt was keen to dissect his recent camping experience with Russell. Is gateau a camping essential? Friend of the show Ed Stafford was on hand to clarify. Also, the lads spoke to Robert Lacey - Royal Correspondent on Netflix series, the Crown!

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 28 Aired 12 November 2017

Russell, Matt and Gee tackle Egyption myths and mysteries with Graham Hancock, AI and poetry with Oscar Schwartz and the glass panel may or may not finally see it's first incumbents. Talk to us via [email protected] and hit subscribe if you're listening to this via iTunes so we shoot right up those charts like belly worms being birthed into the world.

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