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Russell's first regular radio show since his departure from Radio 2 in October 2008. Co-hosted by the nations favourite hypochondriac and every-man, Matt Morgan. Also featuring poems and chat from Mr Gee.

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 11 Aired 11 June 2017

That's right dear listener, this week we really do answer one of life's biggest, and greatest conundrums, the humdinger that had a nation gripped - what the hell does Russell keep in that skinny bum bag? Matt and Russell also regale us with tales from their domesticated lives that could give Erin Brockovich a run for her money, and Emma Kenny, TV psychologist comes on and tells the team that the chaos is good! All that content in this wonderful little podcast - get it in your ears and don't forget to subscribe, tell your mates, and leave a review (only 5 stars though pls).

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 21 Aired 17 September 2017

If you're of a sensitive disposition - the lads chatting to Dr Sandra Lee AKA Dr Pimple Popper might leave you a little worse for wear! Dr Rob Drummond was on the phone too and fully explained the Ninky Nonk. Plus, did you know that Gee is in a band now?

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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 8 Aired 21 May 2017

What's better for you, exercise or bees? Well both if you listen to the guests on this week's Russell Brand on Radio X podcast. You will also encounter bonus podcast only content that makes Matt, Mr Gee and Producer Gareth uncomfortable. Get it right in your tiny ear holes.

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