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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 5 Aired 30 April 2017

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This week’s podcast is not for the faint hearted as Matt Morgan drops the mother of all See You Next Tuesday’s in the first two minutes. Now that we’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, Dr Christian puts to bed the mystery shrouding pipe snipping, a black and white cat is given a verbal warning by police (yes, seriously), and Woody Harrelson comes on to promo his new film ‘Lost in London’ all whilst wearing his breakfast smoothie on his face… it could only happen on the Russell Brand show!

NOTE: This week's show only went live on Facebook when Woody Harrelson arrived at the studio. The Facebook live video starts at 01:32:11.

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#1. Podcast Intro - [00:00:00]

Russell, Matt and Gee introduce this week's podcast with 22 minutes of extra content. Topics of discussion include:

  • Russell's woollen vagina
  • House and garden spiders
  • Slavery
  • Hip cleavage
  • Kim Kardashian's bum
  • Camel toes
  • Moose knuckles
  • World War II
  • Other Russell's

churchCoventry Cathedralcursefamous speechfilmJustin Lee CollinsLondonMatt MorganMatt RussellpipeRussell BrandRussell CainRussell CrowespidersSwanseathe Russellwoody

#2. Coming up, Woody Arlson... - [00:23:23]

This week's show has a 10 second delay due to Gee effing and jeffing live on last week's show. Russell announces that Woody "Arlson" is coming in later. Matt makes fun of Russell for pronouncing certain words wrong. Russell is concerned about Harvey Keitel stealing Quentin Tarantino's intellectual property to sell car insurance and Russell and Matt discuss where you should look when a woman is breast feeding.


Mark Walkersociety

#3. First time every time - [00:32:01]

After 5 weeks Russell finally concedes that running the desk may be a bit harder than he first thought. Russell talks about the first time he Met Woody Arlson. A listener who bears a resemblance to a young Matt Morgan has emailed in offering to infiltrate the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society. Matt agrees that he would go to a MMAS meet up, but only if Russell and Gee go too and it's held locally... challenge accepted!


Appreciationcompetitiongordon smart

#4. Like a bin bag full of porridge - [00:39:43]

Russell reads a news story about a drunk man eating grass. TV's very own Dr Christian from Embarrassing Bodies is on the phone to offer up advice to Matt regarding the snipping of his pipe. The phone call ends with Matt still not sure if he should have a vasectomy or not, and Russell takes offence to Matt pre-warning him before the phone call that Dr Christian is an openly gay man.


dr. Christiangrassmorgan's

#5. I'll have some of your Hake, take £100 my man! - [00:56:17]

More tour plugging from Russell. A woman from the MMAS gave Russell a knitted vagina at one of his tours last week. Russell offers up another chance for listeners to win tickets to his tour. This week's question is "who did Russell play in a movie, was it Aldous Snow or Vito Corleone?". Matt talks about despair chambers. Russell reads a news story about a cat with a gun being given a verbal warning by police. Matt talks about the time he was duped by a door-to-door fish salesman.


captain Birdseyedespairsnow

#6. Alpha vs beta males - [01:06:13]

Russell reveal that the boss of Radio X is sitting in because of last week's show (Russell blames Noel for this). Emily Heath from the MMAS emails in to let them know that as they broadcast, members of the MMAS are huddled round a phone at the Manchester meet up, listening. Russell talks about financial dominatrixes. Matt talks about alpha vs beta males, and how he believes it's better to be a beta male. Russell is adamant he's an alpha male, although the evidence doesn't look promising. The competition closes. Rachel Gillies and Sam Cobb from the MMAS have been bothering Russell with cards. Russell talks about shamanism, he's had some shamans round his house doing healings and burping, Matt's not convinced...


Alan WilsonBilly WillieinfrastructureprophecyWilliam Blake

#7. A beta male in an alpha frame - [01:32:12]

Woody Harrelson pops in to have a chat and promote his new movie. Woody has no memory of playing Russell's hula-hoop game. Russell and Woody talk about film making. Matt asks Woody if it annoys him that Russell can't pronounce his name. Woody talks about the time his we arrested in London, which was the inspiration for making his new movie... Mr Gee summarises the show with a poem.


beachspeed bag



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