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Episode 4 Aired 23 April 2017

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Welcome to more moments of audio chaos brought to you by Russell Brand. On episode 4 the studio door was flung open to Noel Gallagher, we delved into how The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood helped Russell conquer a push chair, more on Matt's pipes and wether thousands of little Matt's will see the light of day.

NOTE: This week's show only went live on Facebook when Noel arrived at the studio. The Facebook live video starts at 00:37:45 and ends at 01:20:40.

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#1. Podcast Intro - [00:00:00]

This week's podcast has a 20 minute intro! Russell, Matt and Gee tease listeners with what might or might not be coming up in the podcast. Other topics/features include:

  • Shambolically recording promo ads for Radio X
  • The new £1 coins
  • Finding treasure
  • Magnet fishing
  • Fear-mongering by the media

gold coinsmattMatt MorganminuteRadio xRussell BrandRussell Brown

#2. No slacking! - [00:20:42]

Episode 4 begins with Russell pledging to be politically neutral. The boys discuss the lesser known third chuckle brother marrying a woman 59 years younger than him. Matt shows off some of his impressive impressions and Russell discusses the London Marathon.


Chris Moyleschuckle brotherChuckle BrothersFacebooknoelNoel Gallagher

#3. Like watching a pixie do Jiu-Jitsu - [00:32:02]

Ronnie Wood has been round to help ol'Russ with his pram. There's another competition to win tickets to see Russell on tour, it's up to Matt to think of a question though. Noel Gallagher is on his way to the studio (he only lives round the corner).

#4. Polling Matt's genitals - [00:37:45]

Noel's in the studio (and on Facebook live). He gives his opinion on Matt having a Vasectomy. James from The Matt Morgan Appreciation Society on Facebook has been in touch to let Russell know he's polled the group about what Matt should do regarding the snipping of his pipe. The majority of the MMAS are in favour of the snip, but think he should freeze his little swimmers first... Kim Jong Un is a bit miffed that people are copying his barnet, should he be allowed to ban people copying his hair-do? Johnny Depp seems to like it... Noel's not impressed by the London Marathon and Matt's competition question is "what did Noel have for breakfast? Was it a bacon bagel or blueberries and yogurt?"


AppreciationHermit KingdomKim JungKim Jung EunKim Jung hoonMorrispipesocietyvasectom

#5. Being in the presence of an actual brilliant comedian for once - [00:47:10]

Matt injects some much needed professionalism into the show by reading out an email from a listener. She wants to know why Russell refused to do yoga live on TV with Sting's wife. Another listener quizzes Noel on his upcoming album. Noel's been to New York to meet Jerry Seinfeld "an actual brilliant comedian". He's also been to Venice recently to see Damien Hirst's new exhibition.


Amelia MurraycultJerry Seinfeld

#6. Why are you wanking!? - [00:57:10]

Russell's competition is over. Surprisingly Noel had blueberries and yogurt for breakfast, whoda' funk it? Matt asks Noel if he's up for a free tattoo at a Judas Priest charity night. Laura, a tattoo artist from the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society, emails in on the subject of tattoos letting the boys know she has a tattoo of a pin to commemorate Matt's now infamous "pin pin" story from the Radio 2 days. The boys discuss the phenomenon that is "pin-pinning", and how fans even now still shout it at them in the street or at gigs. This prompts Matt to say (about the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society) "this is a cult!"... The boys discuss a viral video of a woman giving CPR to a pigeon. Gee talks about some theatrical pensioners he's working with, and how they were young in the 60's, a time "after the pill but before AIDS". Much to the amusement of everyone, Gee becomes distracted by something Russell is doing during his explanation of the elderly, causing him to exclaim live on-air "why are you wanking!?"


Judas Priesttattoo artist

#7. You can hear it jingling when he dances - [01:10:15]

Russell finishes the email Laura from the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society sent in. Laura goes on to offer free tattoos in the studio. Sadly Noel can't be persuaded, he's can't see the point in tattoos or piercings... Russell reads out a news story about a Chinese man who as revenge for his noisy neighbours bought a "building shaker" to give them a taste of their own medicine. Russell tells of another celebrity giving baby advice, this time it's Steve Coogan suggesting they could use a baby rocker as a sex machine if they "just use the guts of it". Matt defends his killing of spiders from last week's show. Russell discusses veganism and Noel leaves the studio to go watch the football.


Oh MarciaSteve Coogan

#8. Have you had your ninkles done? - [01:20:40]

Russell discusses the chaotic effects Noel seems to have on them. Matt and Russell talk about mental health and Prince Harry. Russell wheels out Gnome Chomsky to make himself look clever... Matt brings up the latest cosmetic craze, a surgery to fix saggy knee skin. Russell says he's never had cosmetic surgery, but he did used to dye his hair, not anymore though. Matt talks about the time he went in a floatation tank over 10 years ago. They actually talked about this on 6 music when it happened back in 2006, but neither of them seem to remember... Gee takes the mic to summaries the show with a poem.


kneeshaved scrotum



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