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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 8 Aired 21 May 2017

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What's better for you, exercise or bees? Well both if you listen to the guests on this week's Russell Brand on Radio X podcast. You will also encounter bonus podcast only content that makes Matt, Mr Gee and Producer Gareth uncomfortable. Get it right in your tiny ear holes.

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#1. Podcast Intro - [00:00:00]

Russell, Matt and Gee introduce this week's podcast with 32 minutes of extra content. Topics of discussion include:

  • Jack Kerouac
  • Alien mega structures
  • Big words
  • WhatsApp
  • Female moustaches
  • Just a minute! (best thing to say)
  • Jiu jitsu
  • Wedding plans
  • Matt's fear of public speaking

beachfaceFacebookkindmagicmattMatt MorganRussellRussell Brandskin daddyspeechStagThe Blacktraining knife

#2. Arthur Fowler and the Christmas club money - [00:32:47]

Russell is excited about this week's guest, Joe Wicks, a health guru who some say looks like a younger, handsomer Russell Brand. Matt checks in on the welfare of Russell's bees. Russell talks about his visit to New York to speak at "The Freedom Institute" and Russell reviews "Moby-Dick".


bellNew York

#3. Just for a willy going across a hill? - [00:43:06]

Russell and Matt talk about video games and last week's guest "Doug Cockle", whose phone call has been made into jingles. Russell talks about sucking up to Google whilst over in New York. Matt's tell listeners why he got expelled from sixth-form. Russell reads out some listener emails and Matt mocks him for pronouncing words wrong.


Paulpirate shipwilly

#4. You showed me RIGHT UP! - [00:52:17]

Listeners email in to tell of times they got in trouble at school. Russell is called out on his "ancient references". Gee talks about the infamous Sachsgate episode. Matt talks about his beloved Dartford and Mick Jagger. Matt gives his opinion on body fascism and Joe Wicks is on the phone to plug his new book, talk about healthy eating, fame, and to try and help Gee overcome his Freddo addiction.


Jack Sparrowsugar

#5. It's toothbrush and flip-flop soup! - [01:11:14]

Matt compares Russell's rise to fame to Joe Wick's rise to fame. Matt talks about the time he felt obliged to drink a beer bought for him by Paul Weller, even though he's gluten free. Matt retells the time he wrote "FOAD" in a teachers Christmas card. Russell talks about art and Matt talks about "The Island with Bear Grylls".

#6. Skiiindaddeh! - [01:20:55]

Russell does his Churchill impression. Russell talks about his girlfriend, Laura, and how she would experience something she called "the black spots" when she was younger and did anything wrong. Matt talks about a technique his Mum and Dad would use to tell if someone had been lying. Matt talks about another incident involving one of the great bullies of history; Darren French and Matt talks about going on holiday with Russ during his drugbrella days (can't do him for it).


bullyingdarren frenchemery boardpin pin pinspeedos

#7. He probably went into the woods... for gay sex - [01:29:40]

Russell and Matt talk about nervous breakdowns and Russell reads a story about a hunter who claims to have been raped by a sasquatch, but Matt has another theory involving gay sex in the woods.

#8. I've got a lotus you might want to lick - [01:37:14]

Rachel Gills and Am-ye Heycock of the MMAS get their emails read out. Margaret Walters is on the blower to give one of the more memorable phone interviews Russell has ever done. She uses bee stings to help with arthritic pain and Matt criticises Russell on his interview technique.


bootsShatner Bannock

#9. Matt Mormon - [01:53:31]

Russell plugs his tour and podcast. This week, all you have to do to win tickets to see ol'Russ is provide a nice explanation of what went on with Margaret Walters. Matt talks more about Darren French and Russell asks listeners in Dartford to help track him down. Matt wants to know if Russell and Slash still keep in touch, as he's after some tickets. Russell talks about his recent nervous breakdown and how he deleted everyone but 15 people from his phone. Matt talks more about "The Island with Bear Grylls" and how he'd like to do it. Russell talks about "Gogglebox" and his confusion towards a comment someone made, comparing him to Barry Manilow and Gee summarises the show with a poem.





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