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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 7 Aired 14 May 2017

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Relationships are rekindled and new ones are forged, on this week's Russell Brand podcast. Paul McKenna was in reception and then in the studio, he gave us some truth bombs and plenty to think about. Dough Cockle aka 'Geralt of Rivia' gave us a masterclass in voiceover work, and then there's rats with appendages. When you listen to the podcast where are you and what are you doing? We're nosey so tell us > [email protected] 5* reviews and kind words appreciated x

NOTE: This week, Paul McKenna spends the first 30 minutes of the show having some sort of a mental breakdown. Even if you're a fan of Paul from the Radio 2 days, I'd recommend you skip between 00:15:45 and 00:44:17. In fact, it's so bad we've made a version of the podcast WITHOUT Paul McKenna's interview, you can download that here.

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#1. Podcast Intro - [00:00:00]

Russell, Matt and Gee introduce this week's podcast with 15 minutes of extra content. Topics of discussion include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Faecal transplants
  • Liam Neeson
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Being a bee man

Alan Partridgeboxing matchHave gotMatt MorganmorganpipeRussell BrandSadiq KhanShowyeah yeah yeah

#2. Paul McKenna interview - [00:15:48]

No descripton available


American CourtDiane AbbottfaceJon Ronsonrussell brand show

#3. I've gone too detached - [00:44:17]

Russell, Matt and Gee reflect on the chaotic interview they just had with Paul McKenna. Russell talks about Eckhart Tolle and after practicing transcendental meditation Matt is worried he might be too enlightened and detached from reality.


Eckhart Tollematerial world

#4. Matt Morgan Freeman - [00:51:50]

Both Russell and Matt are worried they've been playing too many video games. Russell talks about Doug Cockle (who'll be on the phone later), a voice-over actor who portrays 'Geralt' in 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' and Matt shows listeners what it would be like if Morgan Freeman did voice-over work for Iceland.


Annie BullsAppreciationconstructed realityMorgan Freeman

#5. Testicles - [00:57:49]

Russell reads out a news story about a rat testicle transplant. Matt talks about the size of Rats testicles, having come face-to-face with some in the past. Russell reveals that Bear, his dog, has an under-descended testicle. Matt blows everyone's mind by revealing that whales actually have legs. Matt also tells listeners that his son punched him in the testicles the other day, and now Matt can't help but wonder if testicles would be better off deep inside the body, rather than dangling on the outside?



#6. My willy done a burp - [01:08:03]

Russell talks about a pirate ship he's been managing. The nature of jolliness is brought into question. There's more talk about the concept of reality. Doug Cockle's on the phone to talk about all things Witcher. Russell get's him to say things down the phone in his Geralt voice. Phrases include "oh no, I've done a little mistake in my panty-poo-pots" and "I did come in here for a haircut, but I don't deserve it cos my willy done a burp".


brownElon Muskuncle

#7. Touching the horizon - [01:27:39]

Russell's found a picture of Doug Cockle, and he's a very handsome man, someone he would be very happy to bring home to his mother. Gee talks about voice-over work he's done in the past. Matt talks about the ridiculous voice-overs he used to do whilst introducing A-list celebrities on Russell's TV show '1 Leicester Square'. Russell talks about how he plays video games to unwind. Matt defends his decision NOT to be a vegetarian and Gee summarises the show with a poem.


Chris MoylesLeicester SquareMatt GarethTom Cruise



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