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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 2 Aired 09 April 2017

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Russ, Matt and Mr Gee are back for an explosive 2nd episode featuring a live on-air showdown with Katie Hopkins. Other topics this week include: Trying to help people, the Heimlich Maneuver, inventing competition ideas, The Matt Morgan Appreciation Society meet up in Manchester, forgiveness, prisons, Matt's landlady, the Katie Hopkins' aftermath, prom dates with pensioners and doing jiu jitsu with Ross Kemp.

NOTE: This upload includes Russell appearing on Katie Hopkins' radio show during the news.

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#1. Podcast intro - [00:00:00]

Russ, Matt and Gee welcome listeners to this weeks podcast with 16 minutes of extra chat, this includes:

  • More Hatie Kopkins talk
  • An email from a man driven to vigilantism by a gang of cats
  • The best way to console someone following the death of a family pet
  • A drunk teacher letting a 14 year old student drive her to a waffle house
  • An artist who turns dead people into pencils and bird feed
  • What you want to happen to you after you die
  • Looking at crop circles with Sting

blackedDave JacksonDavid Jacksondealfire and waterkatie hopkinsLBCMatt Mike HopkinsRussell Brandsocietywater in

#2. Coming up on today's show... adverts - [00:16:04]

Russell is yet again running the desk and opens the show by asking listeners "what is the one true faith?", is it Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or maybe Judaism? Each religion is accompanied by it's own jingle, all of which are played over each other. Russell tells the listeners what they can look forward to hearing on today’s show, "Adverts" being top of the list. The guys discuss their success in the podcast charts, the grand national, the Heimlich Maneuver, possible reasons for the news reader deciding to pre-record her news bulletins this week. Russell shamelessly promotes his live UK tour "rebirth" and invites listeners to enter a competition to win tickets to see him in Southampton, but not having a competition question ready, Russ turns to Matt and Gee for ideas. Something that should have probably been discussed off-air before the show, as Matt points out.



#3. The Matt Morgan Appreciation Society - [00:28:59]

Russell talks about his university course and how he's taken to befriending his professors in an attempt to avoid homework. Russell isn't keen on the picture of himself used in the Radio X holding image, "I look like a werewolf, mid-change". Naturally this leads to a discussion about Teen Wolf... Dan has emailed in from The Matt Morgan Appreciation Society to let Matt know that they're having another meet up, this time in Manchester on April 29th. He suggests that Matt should come along and do a cultural review of the meet up, an idea that Matt unfortunately seems reluctant about, saying that if they we're having it closer, he might drop in. Matt comes up with a question for the competition, "what martial art is Russell currently involved in: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or Judo?", listeners of last week's show will surely know the answer.


Kate Hopkins

#4. "Nigel"... I mean "David" - [00:39:59]

The lines are blowing up for Russell's competition. Matt is unnerved by the number of cameras and lights in the studio, especially since he has a missing tooth, which at the moment is the least of his problems. Matt's landlady is trying to get rid of him, accusing him of nailing animal heads all over the house, something handyman Nigel (or was it David?) had relayed back to her, out of context and don't even get him started on the tumble dryer fiasco!


Bonnie and ClydelandladyNew Yorkold radio shows

#5. Can Katie Hopkins be cured with love? - [00:51:07]

Russell listens in to Katie Hopkins, who presents a show on LBC Radio, which is also part of the Global Radio brand and located in the same building as Radio X. Russell starts to read a news story about a choking incident at Disney land before trailing off into an anecdote about goats in Malibu. We hear more tales of Matt's domestic life, and how his son, Cohen, enjoys listening to classical music in the car, calling it "Halloween music". Before throwing to the news Matt suggests that Russell goes down to the LBC Studios to see Katie Hopkins at work, a suggestion that Russell accepts.


agencybeachCohenMickey MousePaul PaulRussell darlingwalt Disney

#6. Hopkins vs Brand - [01:00:52]

The news finishes and we learn that not only did Russell and Matt go down to the LBC studio, but Katie Hopkins actually waved Russell in whilst live on air, only to kick him out for interrupting her, claiming "I'll deal with you later". True to her word, Katie makes an appearance at the Radio X studio. Things start to escalate quickly when she turns on Matt and Gee, asking why Russell requires so many "monkeys" to help him run his show. The showdown ends with Katie swearing and walking out of the studio as Russell plays "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles.


Tory government

#7. Hop-gate? - [01:08:09]

Russ is worried his showdown with Katie Hopkins might warrant another "gate" style headline, but listeners tweet and email in to reassure him he has nothing to worry about. The competition winner is announced and a lot more chat about Katie Hopkins and her outlook on the world is had.


lavender hair

#8. It's been a good two weeks - [01:32:19]

Still unsure whether there’ll be any repercussion from the Katie Hopkins showdown, the boys push on with the last 15 minutes of the show. Russ and Matt discuss a high school student who wants to take his grandmother to prom with him. Russell tells how Brazilian jiu-jitsu has brought him close with Ross Kemp, the two regularly roll, and Mr Gee wraps up the show with a poem.


Benny HillMatthew HopkinsPearlie KingRoss Kempwoody



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