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The Russell Brand Show on Radio X

Episode 6 Aired 07 May 2017

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Tales of wildlife valiance as Russell puts his jumper (dry clean only) on the line to save a fox cub. We hear from Dr Pam Spurr for an academic assessment of the social structure in the studio, Matt is on the subtle blag and we dominated on the phone all the way from American by Faith Foxxx.

The Facebook live feed for this week's show starts at 00:49:12 and runs through to the end.

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#1. Podcast Intro - [00:00:00]

Russell, Matt and Gee introduce this week's podcast with 25 minutes of extra content. Topics of discussion include:

  • Lightsabers
  • Dog erections
  • Siri
  • Tomorrow's world
  • Open relationships
  • William Blake
  • Russell's womanising past
  • Ear candles

doctorfaceha ha haMark NobleMatt Morganpiperadio showRussell Brand

#2. Edmund the fox - [00:24:55]

Matt's wife has been away for the last 2 weeks, and as such the house has fallen apart. Matt spent the whole day yesterday cleaning in preparation for her return, and as a reward went out drinking last night. Russell's been to a garden centre this week, buying chicken wire to keep his dog away from his now populated bee hive. Matt talks about "non-consensual behaviour" amongst Russell's chickens. Russell talks about his career as a children's writer and the class system and we find out that after last week's show, Russell rescued a baby fox on his drive home. Tiny it was, like a slipper.


bacterial infectionbeautiful Foxplaystation

#3. Tiggywinkles - [00:49:13]

Francesca from Tiggywinkles animal charity is on the phone to update Russell on the wellbeing of Edmund the baby fox. Russell talks about his uncle Jimmy. Matt slags off Russell's t-shirt. Russell offers listeners the chance to win tickets to see him on his re:birth tour. This week's competition question is "what did Russell name the baby fox? Was it Edmund or Felicity?". Matt talks about the time he tried to rescue some baby birds he found after being expelled from school. Russell talks about the hellfire caves in West Wickham and Matt and Russell talk about video games.


Ashley FrancescabellyBritish wildlifecurseenvironmentHeadset

#4. Justin Littlepants - [01:10:07]

Dr Pam Spurr is on the phone to talk about Alpha Males. She's a bit worse for wear after celebrating her daughter's wedding last night. Russell talks about how his personality changes when he's around actual alpha males and Bear gets over excited during one of Russell's musical outbursts and jumps up at the desk.


Russell SigmaSigma Alpha

#5. Animal Rescue - [01:24:14]

Russell reads out tales of animal rescue from listeners. Matt talks about the time he rescued a frog from his garden with his son. Kush, the official doctor of the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society has been in touch to offer his services for free regarding the snipping of Matt's pipe. After complaining he never gets invited to places despite being on the radio for 11 years, The Brandystrippers on twitter have been in touch to let Matt know they can get him into an exhibition about the Russian Revolution if he wants... BORING! Karen has been in touch to ask Russell for an autograph, but Russell thinks there's something suspicious about her email and Russell reads out a news story about school children dressing as Nazis.


AppreciationDavid Beckhamemery boardfaith foxgenetic materialLucy WorsleyRussian Revolution

#6. Matt Morgan's new film: Father Sexmas - [01:40:00]

Faith Foxx, a dominatrix from America is on the line to try and justify what she does. Matt wishes he lived in a world where rich CEO's didn't waste their money on dominatrixes, but instead got their kicks from helping people like himself financially. Russell announces the winner of his competition. Matt reads a story about a woman who swallowed $7,000 after a fight with her husband and Mr Gee summarises the show with a poem.


absolute madnessact of desperation



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