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The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 8 Aired 07 May 2006

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What Have I Done to Deserve This? - Matt's puts on his radio voice. Noels going to be on for the last hour so they have to take on extra staff to stop his swearing. Chris mmmpeeck (Peck). Matt says Trev alienates himself from everyone with his anecdotes. Trev's story about the Vicar and the Mouse getting drowned in the fishtank. Matt feels a fool when he's locked out his house. Russ and Matt went to Leeds and Matt was throwing food out of their hotel room. Security comes looking for them and Matt thinks "Why is this happening to us?". Tim writes in saying he once woke up finding skidmarks on the outside of his pants after bedding a "Dirty Girl". Russ had to wear his Mum's trainers to school and he tried to carry them off as "Pinky and Perky". Matt asks what have they done to deserve the temperature in this room. Russ's house is like an old peoples home, Trev thinks its designed to get you naked. Pete the Bedroom man

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