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Russell Brand first appeared on 6 Music in December 2005, alongside podrot regular Karl Pilkington to fill in for Nemone over a period of three consecutive days. In April 2006 Russell was given his own show on 6 Music, taking over from Liz Kershaw. The show was broadcast on Sunday mornings between 10am and 1pm. Karl Pilkington joined Russell as co-host but was soon replaced by Matt "Every Man" Morgan and Trevor "Eat Your Fudge" Lock. The early Russell Brand Shows on 6 Music were often themed, such classics and fan favourites being "Irrational Hatred", "Likes", "What Have I Done to Deserve This?", "This Means Nothing to Me", "Feeling Free", "Shame" and “Worldcup Memories” to name but a few. The 6 Music shows had a slightly less hectic feel compared to the later Radio 2 shows, which some fans perferred.

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The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 34 Aired 05 November 2006

Last 6Music show - Full Moon. Heel Action fight. Sadam Hussian. Hong Kong Kicky Boots. It was at this time that I realized... (ridiculous acronym).

The radio 2 shows can be found here.

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 |   02:01:23

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 30 Aired 08 October 2006

Gatecrashing and Awkward Situations - first ever Say a word in the news!, Matt's tinted glasses, DO A RAP, dirty squirty, Noel won't get off the phone. would you sleep with the queen? church of brand. "Every time I left your house I used to think, he's gonna die." Jim the tramp "Not being rude!"

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 |   02:06:37

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 27 Aired 17 September 2006

Destruction - No Trev. Tom Jones Muscle Vest. Burning A Scarecrow.The Beloved Cane. Headbuting A Window While Weeing. Latex vagina.

 |   8,118
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 |   80.1 MB
 |   01:56:03

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 25 Aired 03 September 2006

Questions and funny accents- 'doesn't she have no wedding ring; shes a slut'. Rocking Course. First Impressions. Condom Strewn Flat. Queen's breakfast table.

 |   7,756
 |   391
 |   63.1 MB
 |   01:31:15

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 20 Aired 30 July 2006

Jobs - Russ was a mail scab. Matt stole chocolates. "You wanna speak to Doug!!?" Matt as Paddington. "Twiinnssss." "I'm from the future!" Claiming AIDS to get a holiday. Taking cues from Hitler.

 |   7,150
 |   438
 |   81 MB
 |   01:57:22

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 18 Aired 16 July 2006

Holidays - It's one of the great melodies! Trev's Special Day/ Taking pics of topless women. Needing foil for a reflector. Italian girls in washing machine. Little Russ at Pontins. "EAT YOUR FUDGE TREV!" Boat trip in the Norfolk Broads. Lena the kissagram.

 |   7,168
 |   433
 |   78.7 MB
 |   01:54:01

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 17 Aired 09 July 2006

Love - YO MATT! Colonic irrigation. Mic. Trev taking a girl over county lines in an Austin Allegro. "Do you believe in the devil?".

 |   7,197
 |   448
 |   76.4 MB
 |   01:50:40

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 9 Aired 14 May 2006

This Means Nothing to Me - Ricky the paper dragon. Noel's first visit: boasting, burglary, and Trevor grappling in the dust.

 |   6,950
 |   423
 |   27.2 MB
 |   00:39:00

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 7 Aired 30 April 2006

Likes - Matt like running for the bus. Russell feels like Che Guevara when he presses the emergency open button on the bus. Trev likes power cuts. Matt likes treading on a fag packet in the street. People write in saying they like streamlined cutlery. Russell hisses at cats. Kids falling over on shiny surfaces and burning yourself with candlewax. First mention of Trevor killing Mice. Russ got his bag caught in the Tube doors. Russell likes to complain about hotels because he's a psychopath. Grabbing animals by the "Scruff". Everyone falls in love with Minty blowing kisses. Russ says Noel told him that Liam looks like a dog being distracted doing a whoopsie when he's confused. Jen calls in and talks about flicking around "eye snot". Black bogies from living in London. Oh Look! News from the Front! Minty's ALIVE! Trevor's Sonic Enigma overproduced Intro. Bob Geldolf called me a sex word. Matt wanted to see a TV get smashed at the dump but it just rolled. Matt's a magician's assistant and wets himself. SONIC ENIGMA ANSWER: Moon River. Danny from Embrace calls in. MR GEE's first appearance.

 |   8,175
 |   452
 |   60.6 MB
 |   01:27:38

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 6 Aired 23 April 2006

Irrational Hatred - Russell hates the London Marathon. Matt hates whispering on adverts because its intrusive and it sounds like the smell of Coffee Breath. Trev hates Julia Roberts and Alanis Morrissette (aka Women). Guy Davidson writes in saying his mate hates Yoghurt being eaten with a plastic spoon. His mate also hates the word doily. Tom phones in saying that his friend hates the personification of food products on TV. First ever "TREVOR DONE A NOISE" aka Trevor's Sonic Enigma. It sounds like outside. People write in saying they hates cotton wool being pulled apart, love peaches but hate apricots (the fruit of the devil). Sonic Enigma Answer: Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan. Matt thinks the winner should win Trev because shes the only one who understands him. Westwood texts in. Story with a Song is Woody Guthrie - Gypsy Davey. Caller is afraid of milk (literally lactose intolerant). Killer Keller in the studio.

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 |   00:20:04

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 5 Aired 16 April 2006

Semantics/Miscommunications - Cock up with the Zutons. Russell and Matt have just been on the Tim Westwood show, its like being in a club war. Trev would be the lead singer of a boyband called "The Alan Bennetts". "They do porridge". Scary, forceful Latvian lady won't let Matt leave because she thinks he says he has to "meet the Mayor". Matt had a beautifal Icelandic girlfriend who left him to live destatute in France. "Do you like Sigur Ros?" "Yeah but I like roll ups". Trevor kissed a wet eye. Matt headbutted his girlfriends Nan in the cheekbone. Westwood phones in and doesnt want his gangster limp disrespected. Russell Brand and Matt, Westwood weekend. Matt's favourite rap song is "The Stutter Rap" and Russell did The Crazy Frog. Paul Swain writes in about being in a unisex toilet in a French hospital helping a disabled person when a bunch of bawdy French Nun walk in for a fag break. Armed Police turn up and he gets a gun in his chest. Karl thinks disabled toilets are a luxury. Russ and Matt angry that Gorillaz are in the proper news. Sound effect competition. Kermit cant do it with Miss Piggy anymore. Chris Needs didnt write Lola. Matts mum asks if Matt can attend the family egg hunt. Songs with a story Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel.

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 |   00:48:10

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 3 Aired 29 December 2005

No description available.

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 |   01:15:18

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 29 Aired 01 October 2006

Fear - Trev's back ;) Rational Fears. Porno Mag Must have been There Ages. Public Information Films. Regression. ImABabyWithABeard. A video version of this show is available here.

 |   7,768
 |   422
 |   83.3 MB
 |   02:00:47

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 15 Aired 25 June 2006

Lies - "What did you think of Finding Nemo? Baffling." Russell being unfaithful. "Nice to eat some fruit down the radio." Trevor impersonates Leonardo Di Caprio's brother. Che trauma. Russell's fake agent Jack Starburst. "This will never happen in my kingdom again" Russell's Jif round the toilet story. Boshoff article. Antoine Showbusiness the pig-baby. Luke's Sonic Enigma

 |   7,574
 |   395
 |   73.7 MB
 |   01:46:46

The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 4 Aired 09 April 2006

No description available.

 |   8,087
 |   357
 |   35.3 MB
 |   00:50:46
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