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The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 7 Aired 30 April 2006

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Likes - Matt like running for the bus. Russell feels like Che Guevara when he presses the emergency open button on the bus. Trev likes power cuts. Matt likes treading on a fag packet in the street. People write in saying they like streamlined cutlery. Russell hisses at cats. Kids falling over on shiny surfaces and burning yourself with candlewax. First mention of Trevor killing Mice. Russ got his bag caught in the Tube doors. Russell likes to complain about hotels because he's a psychopath. Grabbing animals by the "Scruff". Everyone falls in love with Minty blowing kisses. Russ says Noel told him that Liam looks like a dog being distracted doing a whoopsie when he's confused. Jen calls in and talks about flicking around "eye snot". Black bogies from living in London. Oh Look! News from the Front! Minty's ALIVE! Trevor's Sonic Enigma overproduced Intro. Bob Geldolf called me a sex word. Matt wanted to see a TV get smashed at the dump but it just rolled. Matt's a magician's assistant and wets himself. SONIC ENIGMA ANSWER: Moon River. Danny from Embrace calls in. MR GEE's first appearance.

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Aired:30 April 2006
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