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The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 6 Aired 23 April 2006

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Irrational Hatred - Russell hates the London Marathon. Matt hates whispering on adverts because its intrusive and it sounds like the smell of Coffee Breath. Trev hates Julia Roberts and Alanis Morrissette (aka Women). Guy Davidson writes in saying his mate hates Yoghurt being eaten with a plastic spoon. His mate also hates the word doily. Tom phones in saying that his friend hates the personification of food products on TV. First ever "TREVOR DONE A NOISE" aka Trevor's Sonic Enigma. It sounds like outside. People write in saying they hates cotton wool being pulled apart, love peaches but hate apricots (the fruit of the devil). Sonic Enigma Answer: Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan. Matt thinks the winner should win Trev because shes the only one who understands him. Westwood texts in. Story with a Song is Woody Guthrie - Gypsy Davey. Caller is afraid of milk (literally lactose intolerant). Killer Keller in the studio.

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