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The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 5 Aired 16 April 2006

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Semantics/Miscommunications - Cock up with the Zutons. Russell and Matt have just been on the Tim Westwood show, its like being in a club war. Trev would be the lead singer of a boyband called "The Alan Bennetts". "They do porridge". Scary, forceful Latvian lady won't let Matt leave because she thinks he says he has to "meet the Mayor". Matt had a beautifal Icelandic girlfriend who left him to live destatute in France. "Do you like Sigur Ros?" "Yeah but I like roll ups". Trevor kissed a wet eye. Matt headbutted his girlfriends Nan in the cheekbone. Westwood phones in and doesnt want his gangster limp disrespected. Russell Brand and Matt, Westwood weekend. Matt's favourite rap song is "The Stutter Rap" and Russell did The Crazy Frog. Paul Swain writes in about being in a unisex toilet in a French hospital helping a disabled person when a bunch of bawdy French Nun walk in for a fag break. Armed Police turn up and he gets a gun in his chest. Karl thinks disabled toilets are a luxury. Russ and Matt angry that Gorillaz are in the proper news. Sound effect competition. Kermit cant do it with Miss Piggy anymore. Chris Needs didnt write Lola. Matts mum asks if Matt can attend the family egg hunt. Songs with a story Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel.

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