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After Russell Brand left 6 Music for Radio 2, the BBC gave his old 6 Music slot to the next best Russell, Russell Howard. Co-hosted by comedian Jon Richardson, the "Russell Howard & Jon Richardson show" ran from November 2006 to July 2008.

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 76"Lawro's Cheese" Aired 13 April 2008

What exactly did lawro's Cheese do to Clarkson? All is revealed! More news quiz action, talk of breasts, Old Spice, the marathon, Owls, Seahorses, Fordies' Rumour Mill and even a bit of admin; tidy these boys!

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 77"Woofie!" Aired 20 April 2008

The title is actually 1 of the boys chosen Gladiator name. Needless to say the other put it in perspective! More news quiz drama, the 'voice over' girl strikes back, there's footy, food, 'Fordie the consumer'!, ladies on skates, and of course the return of Lawro!

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 78"Warlocks of Doom!" Aired 27 April 2008

yes, its the first installment of Lawros' adventures with the Warlocks of Doom. News quiz looks at bees, quotes, mobile phone bans, Fordie fills in the mischief he and Jon got up to, and there's some quality youtube singing.

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 79"Pixies!" Aired 04 May 2008

Was it really pixie dust that dit it? And is that the same pixies that Lawro encountered fiddling with Hansen?! What gems did Fordie uncover in his Pub Politics? Jon has been watching what films?! U is gonna have to check in to find the answers to all these questions and more...

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 80"Girls Girls Girl" Aired 11 May 2008

As the title of this episode suggests it looks like Russell & Jon could very well get some action from the ladies in the studio next door...We hear from Lawro on his adventures and Matt Forde talks capital punishment.

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 |   00:44:42

The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 81"When I'm 85" Aired 18 May 2008

It's crystal balls this week as the boys interview their future selves, Fordy has it large as he tackles obesity and there's another gripping chapter of Lawro and the Warlocks of Doom.

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 82"Elephant" Aired 03 June 2008

What about Elephants? well find out just what Russell said about them. There's some funny goings on with water, violent women, Fordie on Pearce, and hitting children. nice!

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 83"Lawro returns" Aired 12 June 2008

Lawro returns from his mini-break to continue his adventure in the Warlocks Of Doom. Bananas, pranks, birds, Jon's misguided youth, car washes all feature, as well as Fordie getting V over excited.

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 84"anecdote" Aired 14 June 2008

Jon teases Russell about an anecdote he has heard about him, the news quiz has a goal!, Fordie doing monkey tricks, Russell moves, weird sandwich behaviour, ie. plenty going!

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 85"Soup it up" Aired 25 June 2008

Russell had an incident with some soup and his new bike, there's lots of dog stuff including a slightly uncomfortable confession from Jon, a Gladiator called 'mental' and another called 'cuddle', its the ultimate news quiz week 1, and Fordie has a philosophical face-off with a listener.

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The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 86"Beans on Toast Cesc" Aired 29 June 2008

This weeks fun packed podcast is packed full of fun. Animal cruelty, Jay-Z and Westwood getting to the heart of things, a ninja granny, gorillas, eurovision, road rage and those spanish beans all feature, plus Fordie loses his ball control as he debates football with a listener.

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 |   00:38:38

The Russell Howard & Jon Richardson Show

Episode 87"Ultimate Champion is.." Aired 06 July 2008

so who is the Ultimate News Quiz champion? All is revealed, and it was a very close affair, involving tennis, surfing dogs, comfort robots and other everyday topics. there's an awesome website of the week that has to be heard and then seen. And Fordie takes on a caller about the paranormal; does he get his first victory, and was it all pre-determined anyway...?!

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