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The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 42 "John Robbins" Aired 07 June 2009

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Wait till you hear Jon's tap drip impressions, award winning stuff! Elsewhere the usual good deeds, a case of mistaken identity, are there really 2 Jon Richardsons?! Comedian John Robbins joins Jon and confesses to giving an old suitcase and letters as a present to a friend. He tells us how he's really great at playing 'vibes' or mouth trumpet in a band, and they talk words to replace swears. There's a hugely disappointing news story about vowel and consonant use. Al Pitcher comes in and tells a heartwarming story about a man and his sausage sandwiches. Jon hits the dizzy heights of a pub joke and there are some basic Swedish lessons. Fordy joins them and talks radio voicers and a bizarre dog story.


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Aired:07 June 2009
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