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After Russell Howard left 6 Music in July 2008, Jon Richardson took over "The Russell Howard and Jon Richardson Show", re-branding it as "The Jon Richardson Show". Co-hosted by comedian Matt "Fordie" Forde, the show ran from July 2008 to March 2010. Unfortunately, our collection ends in late October 2009. If you have recordings of The Jon Richardson Show from November 2009 to March 2010, please get in touch.

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The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 39"John Gordillo" Aired 19 April 2009

Jon begins by explaining the effects of late night Arnie movies. There's some good good deed action, and then comedy guest John Gordillo joins Jon to help judge the good deed of the week. Prior to that though he gets us thinking about what it means to answer the question 'how are you?', food for thought, especially in Poland. Fordy bounces in post the sublime Leisure Society session, adn present his files on the London Marathon, with a surprise announcement. Al Pitcher joins from down under for the latest Pitcher Picture gallery news.

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The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 42"John Robbins" Aired 07 June 2009

Wait till you hear Jon's tap drip impressions, award winning stuff! Elsewhere the usual good deeds, a case of mistaken identity, are there really 2 Jon Richardsons?! Comedian John Robbins joins Jon and confesses to giving an old suitcase and letters as a present to a friend. He tells us how he's really great at playing 'vibes' or mouth trumpet in a band, and they talk words to replace swears. There's a hugely disappointing news story about vowel and consonant use. Al Pitcher comes in and tells a heartwarming story about a man and his sausage sandwiches. Jon hits the dizzy heights of a pub joke and there are some basic Swedish lessons. Fordy joins them and talks radio voicers and a bizarre dog story.

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The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 43"Gavin Webster" Aired 14 June 2009

It's a bumper week for reasons to be cheerful and that makes us all very happy. Jon also shares a lovely story he heard in the week that resulted in a man having holes in his feet! Comedian Gavin Webster joined Jon to help work through the week's good deeds, and touch on bag wearing etiquette, riffing, and a funny fact about cats. Fordy comes along and offers some pretty awesome tips on exams, one of which smells extremely sweet. Al Pitcher updates the Pitcher picture gallery and asks for your musical suggestions.

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 |   00:39:40

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 40"Jeff Norsen" Aired 26 April 2009

Comedian Geoff Norcott chats about his new show (and his mum rapping). Fordy was at the London Marathon spotting fancy dress costumes and gets a feel for what it will be like to run next year. And we find out about Jon's shocking dark secret.

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 |   00:42:10

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 45"Sarah Millican" Aired 27 July 2009

This week, Jon kicked things off with a positive spin in the happy hour. Sarah Millican was Jon's guest who claimed that men only do nice things to benefit themselves, then Fordie turned up to prove the theory! He also had advice on how to approach the opposite sex.

 |   2,169
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 |   00:42:39

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 56"Hills & Meadows" Aired 26 October 2009

This week, Jon was joined by top comedian Adam Hills and Fordy met one of his heroes. Plus, all the usual good deeds and pod jokes for your listening pleasure... Enjoy!

 |   2,648
 |   94
 |   21.3 MB
 |   00:45:44

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 47"From The Fringe..." Aired 09 August 2009

Jon starts a month of shows from The Edinburgh Festival and is joined by comedians Danielle Ward and Wilson Dixon. Fordie also managed to find his way to the studio...

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 |   00:45:44

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 44"The Depressing Secret Of Comedy" Aired 19 July 2009

Pod kicks off as usual with the happy hour, but with a slightly twisted Jon who's clearly been touched by hands of the Dutch! Musical comedian James Sherwood joins Jon and accompanies his chat on the piano. They come up with an idea for better kids education, discuss the 'parity of esteem'(honest guv!), James succinctly sums up musical comedy, and there's even a bit of pathetic fallacy. Rob Rouse pops along for chat on languages, the relationship between different pets and the consequences when it goes wrong, and babies. Fordy hot trots in with his part hosting tips, and Al Pitcher pitches in with the Pitcher Picture gallery.

 |   2,567
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 |   00:47:21

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 46"Jonstradamus" Aired 02 August 2009

Comedian Steve Hall reveals his true reasons for marrying on a roller coaster in Las Vegas. Jon turns Jonstradamus to predict the future for listeners and Fordy talks sausages, chips and hills as the show gears up for a trip to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

 |   2,368
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 |   22.3 MB
 |   00:48:00

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 49"The final Fringe..." Aired 30 August 2009

For Jon's final show from The Edinburgh Festival he was joined by the now award-winning poet Tim Key and magician Pete Firman. Plus, did Fordie make it up Arthurs Seat? Find out now...

 |   2,401
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 |   00:48:08

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 53"Fordy gets PMT" Aired 04 October 2009

Last week Fordy set himself the challenge of getting an interview with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Did he succeed? Listen to find out. Helen and Olly from the Answer Me This podcast joined Jon to resolve the good deed of the week and also to answer some listener questions. Comedian Kevin Bridges also popped along for a chat. As well as his PMT moment, Fordy also told the latest news on his quest to do the London Marathon next year. Finally Al Pitcher pops up to reveal the new Pitcher Picture Gallery picture!

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 |   00:48:52

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 52"Golden Age of Pod Jokes!" Aired 27 September 2009

What a week for pod jokes! This is the week in which they elevate themselves to a whole new level, as Jon says this is "the golden age of the pod joke"! Comedian Andy Parsons joins Jon for resolution of good deeds and assorted banter. Fordy joins to dispense his usual essential advice and observes the changing of the seasons. Al Pitcher closes proceedings with the Pitcher Picture gallery.

 |   3,019
 |   89
 |   22.9 MB
 |   00:49:07

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 55"Labyrinth is..." Aired 18 October 2009

Jon was joined by comedian Kerry Godliman, who amongst other things delivered her verdict on Jons favourite film 'Labyrinth'; she studied film so Jon had high expectations of her review! Fordy revealed his latest big interview, find out all about his big football scoop. Finally Al Pitcher joins in for the latest installment in the 'Pitcher Picture Gallery'.

 |   2,789
 |   96
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 |   00:50:59

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 51"On tele!" Aired 20 September 2009

Jon has a theory that everyone will eventually be on tele, so he probes the listeners for their appearances. Lawro makes a welcome return with a blinding moment, and keeps 'delivering the goods'! Comedian and one of the stars of TV's Peep Show, Isy Suttie, joins Jon and judges the good deeds, and talks of TV fame and how to let someone down gently when you're not into their advances. Comedian Markus Birdman pops in and helps advise on a serious gnome incident. Fordy has plenty to say about the gnomes too, as well as his brushes with TV. Al Pitcher braves the abuse again to reveal his new Pitcher Picture in the gallery.

 |   2,969
 |   96
 |   23.9 MB
 |   00:51:23

The Jon Richardson Show on BBC 6 Music

Episode 50"The return of J-Dawg...." Aired 06 September 2009

Jon's back from his break and is joined by comedians Sean Lock and Dan Atkinson to talk sock amnesties and impulsive behaviour.

 |   3,011
 |   94
 |   24.7 MB
 |   00:53:07
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