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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 40 Aired 31 May 2003

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The boys are back after a week off.


#1. You're Lucky I'm Here, Steve - [00:00:00]

Ricky thinks Out of Time is the best song Blur has ever done. Ricky's done his back in wrestling with Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Comedy Iain Morris. Jane filmed it and showed it to Karl.


facegorillasmack your face inwomen

#2. Are You Allowed To Use Email? - [00:03:48]

Steve gutted about an empty French restaurant on a Friday night in Crouch End. He's also worried about fax machine manufacturers. Ricky prefers faxes and Karl prefers letters. Karl's Mam sends him letters. All three have postcard anecdotes.


fax machines

#3. The Exact Ones Keanu Reeves Uses - [00:07:55]

Steve has a new pair of prescription sunglasses. He can't mosh, box or wrestle, and as a youngster with new glasses he would go up to the front of the classroom and pretend to sharpen his pencil to read the board. Ricky comments on his former appearance as Worzel Gummidge. Was Roy Orbison blind? Ricky tried to embarrass Steve when he picked them up, and Steve is annoyed by people who try on his glasses.


#4. Don't Call In - [00:13:48]

Twenty second link including a rhetorical query about whether the New York Dolls are the original punk band.


#5. Home Tattoos Are The Best - [00:14:09]

Ricky and Steve saw a man with a completely tattooed face. Ricky always compliments tattoos because he can't bear to do otherwise. A misspelled "Beckham" tattoo. Tattoo Stan looks a mess and Ricky and Steve mock tattoo culture. Karl's got a story about a man whose son framed his tattoo when he died. Auntie Nora's back and her "squid-looking" nightgowns. Uncle Hazel has tattoos.


David Beckhamsocietytattoouncle

#6. Bloody Hell, I Thought I Only Had One Girl - [00:20:50]

A listener tells Steve about her misspelled tattoo ("Physco"). When he was younger, Ricky had an earring and his mum had thoughts. Gay couture and accompanying confusion. Lil' Kim and Mr. Cheeks get a laugh.


#7. I Was Away When I Came Up With Rockbusters - [00:24:00]

Monkey News compared with Songs of Praise on a Sunday. Ricky wrote 40 minutes stand-up by the pool on holiday, and Karl had a similar experience once.


monkeymonkey newsnews

#8. It's Good Fun - [00:24:26]

Ricky squeezed Karl's head despite his back injury, and Steve has his first squeeze under Ricky's tutelage. Karl wonders if he should include that on the form he has to fill out about on-the-job danger. Who would Karl include in his ultimate dinner party? Ricky and Steve have some advice.


#9. Are Any of These Going To Annoy Me - [00:25:16]

Rockbusters prizes include oft-mocked of The Best of Inspiral Carpets 3-CD set. Rockbusters clues.


birthdayBob Marleyhappyhappy birthdayJools Holland

#10. There's Quite a Lot Going On in the Freak World - [00:28:02]

Cheeky Freak of the Week has a similar jingle to Monkey News, and Karl has a Free Freak about The Lobster Man. Proper feature is about "a Siamese lad" who got run over (and a classic quote ensues).


John MerrickNorman Cookpeter kayroadSiameseSiamese twins

#11. Maybe We Could Hold Out and Never Meet Him - [00:42:17]

A few seconds chat about their favourite Smiths albums. Ricky, Steve and Karl are the only three people who haven't met Nelson Mandela. Steve makes a jibe, and Karl thinks he'd be good on Celebrity Big Brother. Muffy the Hamster.


#12. The Monkey's Named 86 - [00:44:56]

Monkey News is about a magician's assistant monkey in Morocco who drives to Spain.



#13. That's Another Listener Gone - [00:49:56]

Rockbusters answers and even the listeners are making Ricky-esque comments. Steve gives the prize to Steve Martin.


Steve Martin



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