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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 2 Aired 31 August 2002

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Ricky and Steve interview Karl to re-introduce him to the listening public. Karl reveals the true origin of the phrase 'chucking the baby out with the bathwater'. And Karl starts a competition he calls 'What's the Song?' which in later shows becomes Rockbusters.


#1. In the Beginning - [00:00:00]

Ricky starts out trying to be a proper DJ, for about 12 seconds. Xfm are bringing in 4 or 5 new listeners a week! Ricky tells the story of how Karl came to be the producer of the show, and Steve suggests that he and Ricky re-familiarise the listeners with the wonder that is Karl Pilkington.


karl PilkingtonRicky GervaisXFM

#2. Q & A - [00:02:38]

Ricky and Steve ask Karl a series of questions beginning with his age, which he's not quite sure of ("Where are we?") Also his date of birth, star sign, place of birth, qualifications, childhood best friend, and childhood pet.



#3. Inside the Producer's Studio - [00:07:07]

Ricky and Steve make further enquiries about Karl, revealing his ideal job is a paper round, which he defends against criticism with a resounding "Nahhhhh". His school friends included a boy with a pigeon chest and a couple of unrelated boys who both had big heads and webbed hands. His favourite noise is Elvis' In the Ghetto and his worst noise is fire engines. Karl also says that should he find himself at the gates of heaven, he would hope that God just be friendly.


#4. The Reindeer Section - [00:12:07]

A quick link in which Steve praises the Scottish indie-supergroup The Reindeer Section.


#5. Parrot's Blood - [00:12:13]

Karl tells the story of a sick child who was given parrot's blood because of a bad phone line. An article on the Time Magazine website gives almost as few details as Karl, but places the incident in 1931. Karl then admonishes the contestants of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here because they didn't do the research about jungle creatures. Karl recommends that if a snake comes at you, kick sand in its eyes.


annoylocal doctorsociety

#6. The Baby and the Bathwater - [00:17:48]

Karl tells the fantastic story of a letter that was delivered 75 years late. Karl also explains that the saying 'chucking the baby out with the bathwater' came from the commonplace event that it literally describes.


dustthrow the baby

#7. What's the Song? - [00:26:00]

Karl premieres his new game wherein he tells a little story which reveals the title of a song. He explains it to Steve using an example about a doctor, a new mother, and her guncky baby. In later shows this eventually becomes Rockbusters.


#8. Stealing From Mayo - [00:30:40]

Ricky, Steve and Karl take callers for 'What's The Song?' One person rings in to mention that he'd heard this game before on Simon Mayo's Radio 1 show years ago.



#9. You Thought How Karl Does - [00:37:10]

A few listener shout-outs, and Ricky calls Xfm "Radio 1, for less people". Someone eventually gets the answer to Karl's competition, which is Oasis - She's Electric. Ricky is downtrodden by this but Steve is on Karl's side.



#10. Hold the Line - [00:40:59]

They've had loads of emails (2) about Karl's game. Steve talks to Ricky about the tracks on the classic rock album Driving Rock, and they play a clip from Toto's Hold the Line. They contemplate just stealing more ideas from other DJs.


#11. Born to Fight - [00:44:42]

Ricky says he's going to take up boxing, but Steve is skeptical that the portly, unhealthy Ricky is up to it. Steve reminds him that he was laid up for two days after choking on some dust, and is something of a hypochondriac. Steve's more open to the idea once he realizes he could make some money off it.



#12. Unready to Rumble - [00:51:08]

Ricky turns down a caller's offer of a fight because he was too young and too fit. Closing the show with a song sent to Steve by Harry, this week's Song For The Ladies.


maggie mayRicky Hui



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