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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 15 Aired 30 November 2002

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In this episode, Karl has doubts about how long Educating Ricky will last. Amongst other things Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss an elephant with sore feet, the origin of the phrase "cat out of the bag" and more reasons we don't need jellyfish. Also, Ricky re-introduces Karl.


#1. A Big Poster of a Predatory Gay - [00:00:00]

Ricky's "difficulties" with speech may mean he never gets more than a bronze at the Sony's but it has it's advantages when it comes to his boxing career, as he doesn't need to worry about slurring his speech after a vicious beating. Ricky's good friend Jonathan Ross sums up the ad campaign for the show by saying Ricky looks like a predatory gay on one of the posters, which Ricky doesn't deny. Karl isn't paying attention and has instead decided to simply have a biscuit, much to the annoyance of Ricky and Steve.


Jonathan Rosskarl PilkingtonShow

#2. A Little Manc... - [00:01:37]

Steve expresses his sheer amazement that Ricky is the voice of the drink driving campaign, claiming he sounds like a man who was run over by a drunk driver. Ricky and Steve are once again annoyed at Karl for not paying attention: "I think I deserve more than a little Manc eating a biscuit". Karl is concerned that his MTV screen test won't go well because he isn't that good looking, which prompts a discussion about what Karl finds attractive in a man. Karl thinks XFM colleague Alex Zane is handsome.



#3. Re-Introduction - [00:06:14]

Because of the new ad campaign, Ricky gives a quick summary of how the show came about and decides to "re-introduce" Karl again, for new listeners. Karl presents more proof that we don't need jellyfish but also ponders other sea-based problems.


aprilChristmas shoppingjellyfishSimon Garfunkel

#4. The Last Few Weeks Have Been Genius! - [00:10:52]

With Steve and Karl introduced it's on with the show. Ricky enquires about Educating Ricky but Karl is hesitant saying he's doubtful and unhappy with the feature. He has checked the web ("the new book") and there isn't much going on in the world. There is a car wash for dogs but Karl doesn't find that satisfactory. Steve goes through the bag of usual tat which is being given away on Rockbusters.


foolspicturerock postersTerry Woganwinner

#5. Like Fatts Waller! - [00:16:14]

Ricky tries to explain the "Bod-Pod", a device used to measure body fat, to Karl, who as usual simply wants to confuse it. Ricky is 25% fat, Rik Waller was 65% fat, the same as a pork scratching according to Ricky. Ricky and Steve discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding Bruce Lee as well as whether or not a fly should be able to fly.


Bruce Lee

#6. Don't Keep Suckin' It - [00:21:57]

Steve is shocked to have seen a homeless person reading a book. Ricky explains the different types of vagrant. Karl reveals how he nearly killed a man in Wales. Steve can't get past the homeless man reading a book...perhaps it was a yuppie on a themed holiday. Karl is worried about the rude nature of the conversation.



#7. Dickie Anderson - [00:27:36]

Dickie has been in touch. Ricky and Steve wonder what he looks and acts like. Karl becomes more agitated when Ricky and Steve begin discussing the award winning "Cock episode". Karl reads his Mam's Rockbusters. The shambolic nature of the show is discussed yet again.



#8. Whine Merchant - [00:34:05]

Karl wants to ditch Educating Ricky before Christmas as there is nothing going on in the world. He considers working the "Steve angle" with Whine Merchant. Karl does Rockbusters.


Merchant Navy

#9. Educating Ricky - [00:38:35]

Karl gives Ricky the choices for Educating Ricky: "Get your kit on, we're off down the butchers", "Wash up with you?" and "Why don't they just get a diary or some paper or something?". Karl explains the origin of the phrase "Letting the cat out of the bag". Karl also tells Ricky and Steve about a parrot who starts effin' and jeffin' during funerals.


radio show

#10. Wash Up With You? - [00:45:23]

For the second Educating Ricky, Karl gives the results of a dish washing survey. Ricky and Steve were disappointed with Educating Ricky but are amused at the story of an elephant with sore feet. Karl makes a real joke. Educating Ricky concludes with Karl telling Ricky and Steve of an automatic tattoo machine.


#11. Tattoo Stan - [00:50:40]

Karl discusses his dad's mates and their nicknames: Tattoo Stan, John the Screw, Jimmy the Hat, Fred the Veg. Ricky and Steve are perplexed by the nicknames. Karl describes Tattoo Stan and all his tattoos. Steve tells Ricky of the bizarre tattoo a man his sister worked with has .


#12. Both the Words "Twaddle" and "Crap" - [00:58:31]

A listener e-mails in, giving an alternative explanation for "letting the cat out of the bag". Ricky and Steve believe it which aggravates Karl. The Rockbusters answers are read. Ricky is confident that Richard Anderson will eat his words...


Fats DominoGladys Knight



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