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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 10 Aired 26 October 2002

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Steve wants tickets for Bruce Springsteen. Karl explains how to escape from anacondas.


#1. My First Studio (With a Little Picture of Karl On It) - [00:00:00]

Ricky demands material from Karl as he has done nothing toward the show. Rockbusters is back due to its wild success and so are the thrilling prizes. Educating Ricky is back as well, and Karl is left defending last week's education. Songs With a Story is lined up with well. Karl didn't want "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" because it wasn't real enough. Ricky ends the link.



#2. You Know You're Going to Get Your Face Pummeled - [00:03:29]

Steve brings up Ricky's celebrity boxing stint with some skepticism. Ricky is left defending himself against Steve's incredulity. It is mentioned that Ricky achieved one step below black belt taking karate in high school. Steve suggests punching Ricky live on air next week so he can get used to it. Ricky debates what song to come out to for the match and wants "California Love" by Tupac with midgets surrounding him. Steve thinks Tubthumping would be more appropriate ("I Get Knocked Down").


boxing matchMatch

#3. I Could Get a Lot More Work Done in a Starbucks - [00:08:43]

Ricky talks about a police smart car he saw and how embarrassing it must be to have it. Steve thinks that riding around on a "Goodies" bike or a Pogo stick might be more embarrassing though. Karl questions the logistics of arresting someone.


police carsmart carwalk

#4. Stephen the Owl - [00:13:19]

The boys briefly discuss the music video for Coldplay's "The Scientist". Steve brings up his Bruce Springsteen ticket peddling again, and is still desperate to see him. Karl defends himself against Steve's accusations that he does nothing for him. Karl then chastises Steve. Ricky reads out some texts between him and Karl (which also takes the mickey out of Steve.)


Bruce Springsteentext message

#5. Gobblers, Wholey-Swallowers, and Constrictors - [00:17:39]

Ricky prods Karl into saying how he would wrangle an anaconda: Don't panic, don't try and kick it off, let it swallow you up to your knees, then cut it's mouth, and then peel if off and walk away. Ricky counters this suggestion with his science prowesses. Karl comes back with his ability to breath little breaths and segues into Educating Ricky titles.


fatthe Anacondawalk away

#6. Did You Know That Bees are Deaf? - [00:24:10]

Ricky brings up more topics he and Karl discussed such as stressed worms, brainy sea lions, and heart healthy cats. Ricky selects "Get A Lobe Of This" for Educating Ricky. Karl tells a story about a deaf girl who regained her hearing after getting her head banged. Ricky is dissatisfied with his education, so Karl parries with a fact about deaf bees, much again to Ricky's chagrin. Ricky demands to hear "It's Not His Volt", the next Educating Ricky title. After telling the story about an electric man, Karl attempts to throw on a bonus fact about electric eels. Before Ricky can get upset, he cracks up at the title.



#7. We'll Bin That - [00:30:32]

Ricky gets Karl to do the last Educating Ricky despite Karl's concerns. Finally, Ricky is satisfied with his education. Karl explains how derives education from his facts. Karl recalls his Freeze-Pop near death experience originally told on 13 April 2002. Karl then recalls his earliest memories: being in a hall and having the dog licking his face and being at primary school with "Lindsey". Karl wants to rid of Educating Ricky, but the Steve and Ricky love it too much.



#8. Next Week: Teen Wolf Too - [00:35:45]

It's Rockbusters time. Steve names the arbitrary selection of prizes, including "Stigmata". Karl gives out Rockbusters clues, Ricky debates their answers.


stigmataTony Banks

#9. Proper Producer - [00:41:53]

After a quick recap of Rockbusters, Karl spins another track. Ricky lauds Karl for going above and beyond pushing the buttons. The Rockbusters answers are read out after an amazing response. Ricky is annoyed at the difference between a lake and a river. Steve bumbles for a correct response and gives out the prizes. Karl then introduces "That Song Has a Good Story in It", to Ricky's dismay. Ricky gets annoyed with Karl's drawn out explanation.


Atomic KittenJames Taylorlake

#10. That's It Then - [00:47:57]

The trio discuss the Song with a Story and discuss their own favourite songs with stories. Karl lets Ricky go on about a horse, and winds up the show very unglamorously.




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