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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 36 Aired 26 April 2003

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This episode is notable for the introduction of the characters Camp David, the right queer gay and Ho-Lee Fuk as well as Ricky leaving the studio in the middle of Monkey News.


#1. How Old're You? - [00:00:00]

Steve is back after having been at his parents house in Bristol for the past week nursing a sore throat. (Karl is baffled). Ricky injured his back on Tuesday boxing, but is here too. Karl has just returned from holidays with Suzanne's parents.


doctorsore throatTuesday

#2. Froggy Says Buy It - [00:03:57]

Steve thinks he's ill from stress of London life, including the split-up of S Club 7. Karl's not very compassionate with ill people, like the time he made Suzanne go shopping with him when she had a fever. Recap of when Karl was picked to pass out biscuits at an old people's home and another place where people were "iller". Karl plays two adverts Ricky has done for X-Ray magazine in the week, one with him acting drunk/with mouth full and the second with him as Dr Frog.


comedy charactersfrogyeah yeah yeah

#3. Who's That at the Door? - [00:11:42]

Ricky introduces us to his new characters Camp David, the right queer gay and Ho-Lee Fuk, the funny little Chinaman. The latter's name is cause for concern for Karl. Karl's thinking of re-introducing Rockbusters, and Steve is appalled.


dingding dongpast me

#4. Gayvid Gray, the Bent Pianist - [00:16:20]

Ricky has decided to change one of his character's names.


#5. Always Stinking of Chip Fat - [00:16:47]

Karl calls Steve "The Professor" behind his back because of a photo of him in a magazine, but Steve has his own names for Karl. Some Karl vs. Steve banter as Steve thinks Karl must've been a neglected child. His perceptions of the working class homes of Karl and Ricky's youths. Steve loves Benjys. In Waitrose a homeless man with open sores shook his hand, to Steve's terror. Karl doesn't want Steve to ruin the plot of Columbo, and the boys question Columbo and his wife's hygiene. Gayvid Gray, Columbo, and Ho-Lee are at the door. Steve wants listeners to email in about the return of Rockbusters, but Ricky doesn't want to let the listeners decide.


#6. So Here We Go Then - [00:24:16]

Richard Anderson enters as one of Ricky's characters. Ricky's not sure Steve understands comedy on radio. Steve reads off the prizes which include Coogan's Run and a Dr Who episode on VHS and and X-List CD. A recap of old Rockbusters clues before Karl reads this week's clues.


Whitney Houston

#7. There's No Thread To Them - [00:28:38]

There's a Posh Bloke at the door. Karl's obsessed with how Ricky's friends are all different from each other. Karl doesn't like Robin and Steve is horrified to hear about some quite rude behaviour from Karl towards Robin at dinner. Robin has small thumbs and Karl's done some research on thumbs. "Rule of thumb" etymology. "No Petting" signs at public pools. Karl then airs his disdain for public displays of affection. A fat fella with lipstick is at the door.


#8. Tourettes Trent D'Arby - [00:36:47]

Rockbusters answers and Ricky tells Karl that he is never doing the quiz again. Karl bemoans the mountains of emails he received from listeners at the request of Ricky and Steve on last week's show. A listener named Peter Kay came in first but they give it to another person so Peter Kay comes in second.


Andrew Phillips

#9. I'd Like a Severe Blow - [00:40:43]

Karl gives away some Rockbusters workings. Gayvid Gray drops in once again briefly.


#10. Talkin' of Weird Heads and Stuff - [00:41:48]

Steve's put on his duffle coat and looks like someone in Forbidden Planet. The bidding for Ricky's cartoon of Karl is now up to 200 quid. Ricky wants the winner to be able to squeeze Karl's head, which Karl refuses point-blank. They have to make time for Monkey News lest Karl takes it to Radio 2. Karl tells Steve about his recent holiday with Suzanne's parents. People annoy Karl and he recounts several examples of how they did.


David Beckhammonkey

#11. Restaurants Don't Allow Animals - [00:52:15]

Cutting U2 short because they are running late. Cheeky Freak of the Week is people with deformed back legs known as "dogpeople". Ricky questions whether this segment is offensive in any way. Time for Monkey News: a follow-up to a previous segment about Alfred who robbed the robber at the bank. After taking the money and weapons, he negotiates a deal with the zookeepers to ensure their release in exchange for funds. Ricky is so infuriated that he leaves the studio midway through the story.




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