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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 31 Aired 22 March 2003

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Karl is disappointed by the film Freaks, confused by transsexuals and slapped on the head live on-air by Stephen.


#1. Bruce Willis on the Telly - [00:00:00]

Are the times a-changin'? Karl thinks rich people have a more vested interest in stopping war, but Manchester benefited from being bombed. Listener Phil has suggested a new title for Crosswords: Songs of Phrase.


phrasewalking workout

#2. So We're Not Doing It? - [00:03:01]

Karl has a Songs of Phrase competition prepared but Ricky is angered by the very thought of it, not to mention that Karl has had to tweak the phrase to find songs to fit.


cheap as chipsChinesekid

#3. Mars Bah Bah Bah - [00:05:30]

Steve makes a 2nd attempt at being political. Will Karl be allowed to do his Songs of Phrase? The original phrase was "You never see an old man eating a Twix". Steve reads off the prizes, which include Scotland Rocks!



#4. Freaks - [00:10:52]

Karl might be the one person who can outwit Derren Brown. Karl watched the film Freaks and gives his lukewarm review. The movie includes a pinhead, the Pillow Man, some people who look older than they are (or the other way around - Karl's not sure) and an unconvincing half man/half woman. Karl would be more drawn to Steve than to one of the freaks. Steve slaps Karl.



#5. Boo! Not Freakish Enough! - [00:18:27]

Freaks was built up too much. Steve has always been honest with Karl, who looks stupid. When Steve came back from 3 weeks in LA, Karl was reminded of his weird looks. Ricky wants them to stop arguing, but is a stirrer. Extended discussion about the film. Future Olympic-style games of abled vs. disabled people. Cat replacement and sex change operations debated.



#6. At the End of the Day, You Still Look Like a Fella - [00:26:55]

Karl's still confused about transsexuals. Ricky tries to explain various non-traditional sexual orientations. What if Suzanne used to be a man? Karl spotted the wig on the fella at the off-license near Suzanne's parent's house.


Hairyhairy chinese kidkarl PilkingtonStephen Merchant

#7. Ahoy! - [00:33:21]

At a certain age, you can nod at a copper, back in a van driver and tell if bitter has gone off. Steve's grandfather on the beach in a suit. Ricky in his pants or elasticated trousers. Has his tuxedo got velcro? Ricky and his sesame seed chest. Names you cannot call kids now. Karl's Uncle Alf who slept in a dinghy and had two tellies.


sesame seeds

#8. According to the Laws of the Sea - [00:41:20]

Posh beardy twats climbing mountains. No need to get a cat out of a tree ("Get another one!") or bother with a cloned sheep who dies ("Clone another one!") Steve and his father in a boat. Karl's been thinking about better ways that money should be used, like inventions. Karl's never needed MC squared in his life. Cat mops. Is the telescope better than Rockbusters?


#9. Tell Me More - [00:50:17]

Ricky and Steve have Karl choose between proven modern inventions and some bizarre ones Steve reads from a catalogue. Protection from killer bees, pet petters, cheese-filtered cigarettes. Songs of Phrase answers but no time for Karl in a Film. Ricky ends the link with pseudo-proper DJ banter.




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