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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 9 Aired 19 October 2002

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Ricky's got a hangover. Karl is given many scenarios from which to choose his preference. Also, it's the second week of Rockbusters.


#1. A Little Big Hungover or Still a Bit Drunk - [00:00:00]

Ricky hasn't had a lot of time to prepare the show, as he's hungover and unable to finish his sentences. Maybe he should put his hand up when he wants someone else to talk. Karl and Steve are both annoyed at him, and Steve's concerned about his radio career.



#2. Pete Horton's In It - [00:03:36]

Karl's sorted out last week's feature problems. They're back with Educating Ricky and Rockbusters, tweaked to keep listeners hanging about. There are some cracking prizes this week including an Office DVD, and Xfm compilation album, an Indie album, and a big hot release film: Children of the Corn! They've also got tickets to DJ Shadow, who plays all the records that he wants. Ricky wants some lemonade.


Chinesecompilation album

#3. I've Just Nicked Five of Your DVDs - [00:08:46]

Ricky's still struggling. He says while he was out with Karl recently, a homeless fella told Ricky how he'd just stolen 5 Office DVDs and they were going like hotcakes! Karl goes on to describe the man and the incident in detail. Steve compares it to the illegal cab drivers and recounts the time he tried to get home to Swiss Cottage but the driver didn't know how to get there, nor even to Camden. Karl's Dad was a black cab driver and Ricky wants him to tell the Forrest Gump In A Wheelie Bin story again but Karl is hesitant. Mr Pilkington thinks that if something makes you laugh, it's good for you and therefore fine. Karl tells a brief version of the Forrest Gump story and let's move on.



#4. Flea to Glasgow - [00:15:51]

Ricky wants to know what animal Karl would never trust. Last night Karl learned that tarantulas only bite if you annoy it, and it really hates having its leg twisted. What animal would Karl be if your mind was put into it and you made to make your way to Glasgow without being found? Karl answers and explains his rationale. Would Karl rather have rollerskate feet, chopstick hands, or acne?



#5. You're Obsessed with Puns - [00:21:29]

Karl's dancing to De La Soul. If he were a superhero, would he rather be a Frog Boy, Amploid, or Sado? Karl goes through this week's Educating Ricky topics for the next link.



#6. Have You Heard That One About Worms - [00:25:20]

Ricky's first choice is Don't Do That To It, You Know It Can't Live Without A Head. If you cut a worm in half, it does not grow into 2 worms. However, if you cut part of the end off, the rest will still survive. Silence and confusion follows.


Ricky Gervaisyeah yeah yeah yeah

#7. Cryptic Clues - [00:30:07]

The hangover's done. Karl's had an argument with a caller about his choice of a flea to get to Glasgow. Email in if you want to play Rockbusters for the awesome prizes including ... Children of the Corn! Karl gives the clues after which Ricky asks Karl to briefly explain evolution, which he does in four words.


CandleslemonStephen King

#8. Mrs Zippy - [00:36:09]

What would Karl rather have for a head: a lemon, a radio, or another head that talks all the time? This week we have the 2nd half of Stevie Wonder's Living for the City to look forward to. Karl's incredulous about the story behind Kate Bush's Babooshka.


radio showStevie Wonder

#9. What's Tomato With You - [00:40:22]

Karl explains how and why tomatoes were considered poisonous somewhere literally ages ago. Ricky and Steve are beside themselves with what they're supposed to take from this story.


#10. Free Crisps - [00:44:57]

All three of them are caught at the beginning of the link with food in mouth. Karl is quite excited about getting to hear the full story of Living for the City but Ricky's unconvinced about his interest in details.


#11. Don't Go and Be Murdered - [00:46:39]

Karl's a bit critical of the storyline of Living for the City, but now has 2 stories to prove that people with problems shouldn't go to New York. If Karl had a time machine, where would he go? If someone could tell him his future, would he want to know? If Karl were in Quantum Leap, would he go back and be the donkey carrying Mary, a Saigon prostitute in 1975, or Moby Dick?


New York

#12. Just Look Better - [00:51:09]

Karl gives the answers to this week's Rockbusters and the lucky Kath Turner wins that great film. Would Karl rather be a tree crab or a tree frog, a tick or a leach, a puppy or a kitten?


#13. It Was Pushing People Off Their Bikes - [00:53:39]

The show's almost over and they still have 3 pairs of tickets to DJ Shadow to give away. Karl can't think of a question but it reminds him of a story about a shadow in somewhere like Boston that was causing problems. Ricky's mad that they have to finish early today. Shoddy.





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