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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 47 Aired 19 July 2003

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#1. A Crime of Passion - [00:00:00]

Karl has a breakdown last week, but blames the circumstances. Did Bobby Davro or Les Dennis let their troubles get to them? No one's ever heard Karl laugh. Karl's got his new kitchen now. Ricky and Steve will give up if Karl gives up, but that annoys Karl.



#2. Builder's Been Annoying Me - [00:04:40]

Ricky and Steve will be leaving to film The Office specials and Ricky suggests that they not return if Karl doesn't. Other stations have approached them. Ricky has a passion to get the Xfm listeners into double figures. Karl's builder asks about the pub across the road. Karl's slagging them off while his kitchen radio is tuned to Xfm.



#3. Mates Are a Hassle - [00:08:50]

Karl's accepting the fact that the builder might be listening. In Karl's last flat, the builders woke him up at 7:30 but when he went back to check on them, they were having a Starbucks. Karl mentions that the builder today is tiling. He tried to catch the builder out today, and has hidden all his and Suzanne's valuables. Ricky and Steve have some suggestions for how the builder might respond. Karl doesn't like friends. Twenty thousand people are turning up for Nelson Mandela's party, and Karl's glad he's not him. A file would be in his cake, and maybe they're the only 3 people who've never met him.


babybirthdaybirthday partiesChinesehappy birthdaykidNelson MandelaTommy Walsh

#4. Come on Maude, Let's Go to the JCR! - [00:14:11]

Steve tells an anecdote about his first few months at university, in which he owned a pair of size 14 Doctor Martens and the cleaning lady clomped around in them while he was out to make people laugh. Ricky went bowling with Steve once, and the bowling shoes looked like Krusty the Clown's. Karl references the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe. Songs of Phrase prizes this week includes the Fast Food Rockers, The Best of Inspiral Carpets, and Stephen King's Rose Red. Daddy's Never Gonna Stop Robbin' From Telephone Box.



#5. London's Heart 106.2 - [00:20:50]

Ricky and Steve recently bumped into Suzanne at the BBC. What does she think of them, really? She likes everybody, which annoys Karl. One of her mates had a baby and Karl wasn't interested in seeing it. They listen to the show. This tin pot station doesn't keep Ricky in Frappuccinos. The listeners don't care if Ricky and Steve leave. What is Virgin Radio's frequency?



#6. The Reason I've Not Kept in Touch is Because I Don't Really Like You - [00:26:42]

Radio 1 is also a good station, but Ricky and Steve got fired from there for slagging off Simon Mayo. Karl makes a proper jokey retort. Worse than making new friends is when old acquaintances turn up. Steve pretends he knows who they are, and Ricky looks for clues to remember. Steve ran into one recently who couldn't take the hint that he wasn't interested. Do not contact Ricky or Steve if you are an old mate of theirs, unless you have won 4 BAFTAs. Nothing gets lost in the post.


Amsterdamnewspapersimon mayo

#7. I Think My New TV is Too Big, Rick - [00:32:14]

Steve has a new plasma screen television which is 42" big, but he can't get far enough back from it. You're meant to be four times away from it, which Karl can't understand. Are you supposed to tip delivery men? It took 3 hours for Steve to wire it in, and David Dickinson's tan almost took his eyeballs out. Films and 24 are worth watching on it. Karl just has the 5 channels and is not impressed with television. He most recently watched Wimbledon and saw little fellas in a wheelchair having a game, which he doesn't think should have been on the telly. The Paralympics entertainment this year was provided by Riverdance, which sends Ricky into silent hysterics.



#8. Knob - Bollock - Finger Up Arse - [00:38:38]

Karl doesn't want people to think they're having a go, because he has to deal with the clean-up when they do. One of Ricky's friends thought it was short for Paraplegic Olympics. Steve asks why Karl went to Hastings but confuses him with the word "arbitrary". What's the equivalent of control-alt-delete for Karl? Steve kisses Karl. What happened to Chris Moyles' show? Steve has a theory. Hastings is all right; no one goes there, it has a pebble beach, and Karl doesn't know how they get by due to their limited exports and lack of places to buy Brillo pads. Shops that specialise: chess pieces, cushion foam, chef uniforms, and antique marionettes. Songs of Phrase played again.


moylesOlympics paraplegic Olympics

#9. Who Do You Hate - [00:47:14]

Ricky would be great on any other station. Steve wants to apologise for slagging off Chris Moyles, and suggests a great new feature, so email in! Songs of Phrase once more; Ricky's mad that they're not written down and Steve stopped checking the emails long ago. Does Stargate SG-1 feature the same as their Richard Anderson? All the builders Karl's ever met annoy him. He's also annoyed by Lenny at Xfm who proposed to his missus on-air. Ricky hates dictators and Steve hates famine and disease.


Jeffrey ArcherRichard Anderson

#10. I Haven't Heard About a Chimp Winning the Olympics - [00:54:05]

Monkey News this week is from the 1908 London Olympics in which a hairy runner was given many opportunities before being found out. Ricky is going to try for a decent station and will take Steve with him. He has a go at a proper link to prove he can.


HairymongoloidOlympic Committee



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