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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 30 Aired 15 March 2003

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Karl's been off ill much to Ricky's disgust, a new feature is born and tension between Karl and Stephen comes to a head.


#1. When the Winds Were Bad in the '70s - [00:00:00]

Karl gets stick from Ricky and Steve for being off for 3 weeks. Karl can only remember being out sick twice, once when it was windy. Karl's Mam didn't want him to get blown into the road. Karl's school gave out a certificate if you did a full week which he missed because of a windy Friday. He had to stay late on Monday with a teacher as a punishment, but he loved it because she had to stay too.


drinkkidlove thismemberThing

#2. It Sounds Like the Most Complicated Game Ever - [00:04:09]

Recap of the features, including the film thing and a new one, Crosswords (later Songs of Phrase). Steve reads off the prizes. Another new feature promo - Cheap as Chimps!


ChineseChinese kidcrossfilmkarl Pilkingtonmonkey newsorderVHS

#3. You're Gonna Need to Maybe Step Down - [00:09:02]

Steve is a new member of Karl's pub quiz team, but is trying for a coup. Karl is like Alex Ferguson. He got (only) the Dannii Minogue question correct. The team weaknesses are Natural History and Science, Ricky's expert subjects. The quiz costs a tenner and Steve is not made of money. Karl's got a lot on his mind, namely his interaction with the little gay fella in the toilet. Karl thinks gay men should have their own cubicle or toilet. Women leave the door open in the toilet. The first time Karl "saw a woman" was Auntie Nora in her caftan. The birth of the ripped/split tennis ball image.


gay mengervaisnoraquiztennis ball

#4. I'll Just Hold It In - [00:16:22]

Extended discussion of sexuality and toilets. Every pub needs 4 toilets until Ricky reminds Karl about bisexuals. Who's policing this? Can Karl catch out a gay? Maybe if he were naked too.


Discussionfellalittle gay fella

#5. There's This Hairy Chinese Kid - [00:21:07]

Karl's got 5 songs edited together to make a popular saying from the show. Steve is negative about Karl's ideas. Ricky is a stirrer. Ricky squeezes Karl on the floor like a crab, with his mighty legs.



#6. ZX81 With No RAM Pack - [00:25:19]

Email in for Crosswords. Suzanne's birthday was on Monday and Karl got her some woollen gloves. Victoria Plum recap and Karl's Dad might be to blame for Karl's bad gift buying. Colin Bailey and his Sinclair Spectrum. The first telling of the wrong computer with no RAM pack and the vomit which resulted. The Rosses and their cat paperweight.


Christmas Daygift buying

#7. They Found a Load of Monkeys Somewhere - [00:33:19]

Karl's been asked to write a column about monkeys for a magazine. Monkey News time, about monkeys who are chatting with each other. The first installment of Cheap As Chimps: How many bananas does a chimp at London Zoo eat? Cheap as Chimps! ("What?!")



#8. When Was The Last Time That Was Said Twenty Times? - [00:39:42]

Karl gives out the Crosswords answers and well done to the winners.



#9. Can Karl Borrow Freaks - [00:42:05]

Karl has found a "cell mate" who is on his wavelength with freaks. A fella in Bizarre magazine fixes watches with his feet, but Karl thinks he should crush grapes. The Freaks video. The Pillow Man is on Ricky's Xfm page. The worst thing Karl's ever seen on a face is the woman in Manchester in his dad's cab.


#10. What's Wrong With Ballet - [00:47:02]

There's a copy of Freaks on its way. Suzanne says Karl has a heart of stone, but he cries at The Elephant Man. Karl's got a theory about how people want to have their picture taken with freaks. Billy Elliot on VHS is the prize for this week's 'Karl in a Film' competition. Karl is Billy.


Billy ElliotJohn Merrick

#11. We'll See What the Press Say - [00:54:00]

They have to end early because of football. Only two people are interested in the VHS Billy Elliot. Karl comes up with ideas because Steve doesn't. Another telly idea from the K Man: Famine Academy.





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