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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 21 Aired 11 January 2003

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#1. I Still Didn't Stop Workin - [00:00:00]

Ricky and Steve introduce what they have lined up and ask Karl what he has. Karl's had 3 days off this week but still didn't stop working on the show. He's got Rockbusters, Acid I Would Sort You Out With Some Science, a Do We Need 'Em? on snails, and another Ricktual. Steve wants to bring back White Van Karl for one week only.


Joni Mitchell

#2. Have You Ever Seen a Bald Pet? - [00:03:53]

Ricky's found a whistle and plays along to The Smiths track. Karl's been doing scientific research on the web and found out that you can get wigs for dogs in Tokyo ("it's a stressful city"). The only time he's been confused is when he saw someone putting a ticket on some rubbish in Edinburgh. Karl tells the story of when his mam shaved the cat that used to get sick a lot. It's weird the first time you see it, like when he met Steve.



#3. Hanging Out By Stacks of Office DVDs - [00:09:03]

Steve references a scene in the film Notting Hill because he heard some people slagging Rick off in a restaurant. Steve only gets recognised by nerdlingers and men. In HMV, a cashier told him they've had a lot of Office video returns because people didn't like it.


answerErykah Badujulia roberts

#4. Another Big Sell - [00:13:34]

The show is going to be structured in the new year, complete with safety warnings, weather checks and news. Steve reads off the Rockbusters prizes and Karl reads off the clues but can't remember the answer to the 2nd one.


Johnny Cash

#5. That Would Confuse Psychologists - [00:18:14]

Karl's anxiously waiting for someone to write in to remind him the answer to his Rockbusters clue.


#6. Talkin of Ghosts an' That - [00:18:52]

Someone's got the right answer, so Karl's relieved. Steve has another go at White Van Karl and this time asks Karl about Cilla Black which sparks Karl's story about a woman on a bike who saw herself as a kid. Karl has opinions about David Blunkett and how we've always had violence, even back to dinosaurs.


David Blunkettkid

#7. I Would Love a Hammock - [00:23:52]

The boys have lots of nicknames today for Richard Anderson has written in. Karl's looking at kitchens for his new place, and ordered a "leather-ish" sofa. Ricky wants a sofa as comfortable as a bed, and a drip to his mouth and one from his nob to the toilet. Ricky talks about his dad's bed and Karl talks about how his dad tried to solve the problem of too much furniture and not enough space in their small house in Wales. Karl can't sleep in the bed his dad sawed and Ricky wants to film a new show called The Pilkingtons.


#8. This Week, Snails - [00:31:02]

Ricky starts off with a "proper DJ" link and Karl gives the Rockbusters clues again. For Do We Need 'Em this week, Karl speaks with a snail expert but manages to teach him that they sleep for 13 years and sort out his job security if they get rid of them.



#9. A Little Bit of Science - [00:37:17]

Richard Anderson didn't listen last week because he was in HMV returning the 14 copies of The Office he got for Christmas. Ricky's got a couple That's Rickydiculouses for Karl which he gets right. Steve thinks donkey ride checks should be more stringent. Karl's got some science things to teach Ricky, including a story about a kid who ran away from home and grew so much hair on his body that he was mistaken for a monkey when he went into a shop. This is considered to be the story that ushered in Monkey News.



#10. Another Barnstorming Feature - [00:45:10]

A fella had hiccups for 69 years, there's a dog with a wig, and a mouse's brain can reform after being blended (according to Karl). Ricky and Steve would like some more verified information from Karl.


Chinesehuman brain

#11. A Head and Body on a Skateboard - [00:49:58]

A listener has emailed in with an article to confirm Karl's boy monkey story from this week, and Karl has another freak story about a fella with no arms or legs on a skateboard who shaves using his mouth.


genetic disordermountain village

#12. Second Cleverest in a Troop of Monkeys - [00:52:59]

Rockbusters clues are given and a listener emails in saying Karl is the true monkey boy. Ricky harasses Karl into squeezing the final Ricktual into the last minute of the show but he doesn't finish it. Song For The Ladies to end is Joni Mitchell.




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