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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 28 Aired 01 March 2003

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Ricky and Steve are away but have prepared several links to go with some classic clips and some bloody great tracks.


#1. For The Last Thirty Years They've Been Waiting To Die - [00:00:00]

Out of the kindness of their hearts, Steve and Ricky have pre-recorded introductions to the best of (the last three weeks), though Steve's not sure whether it was worth it. The first clip features a discussion about Christmas, Karl not being allowed to stay up for his parents' party, his train set getting broken and Steve's grandparents being really really old. Originally Broadcast: 21 December 2002



#2. Bin Lid On The Head, He Wanted To Do That Again - [00:07:29]

Karl has edited himself into The Shining for his Karl in a Film feature, Steve reckons being trapped alone in a house with Karl would be worse than The Shining, though perhaps not as bad as being trapped in a caravan with Ricky. Originally Broadcast: 15 February 2003


barberscakestowel racks

#3. His Centre Parting's Always Really Neat - [00:12:41]

Ricky and Steve provide some adapatable comments on the weather and pop culture and introduce a clip of Karl discussing why he went to bed late after watching a film about Dracula, he also explains why he didn't enjoy it. A pre-recorded Ricky almost tells us he feels bad about the quality of this week's show, but as he gets paid so poorly, he doesn't really give a sh*t. Originally Broadcast: 15 February 2003


corpus callosumStephen Merchant

#4. What's A Congress Tart - [00:17:57]

A clip of Karl talking about eating too many cream buns and receiving a dire diagnosis from a jocular doctor. He moves onto Educating Ricky and tells him about a woman with a pork chop stuck to her arse. Originally Broadcast: 18 January 2003


#5. They Can Hold Their Breath For Forty Minutes - [00:23:30]

Steve introduces what he labels 'a lot of old bollocks.' Karl plays an interview he did for Do We Need 'Em? with an expert on cockroaches, she dispels a lot of his myths, but confirms the one about living without an 'ead. Originally Broadcast: 18 January 2003



#6. Put It In A Bowl First - [00:29:22]

Karl talks about an 8 year old kid who is still breastfeeding and originates the theory of how you never see an old man eating a Twix. Originally Broadcast: 09 November 2002


#7. I Kept Chucking A Stone In The Air - [00:35:57]

A lengthy pre-recorded deconstruction of the work of Dennis Norden leads into a clip where Karl is asked advice by listeners on how to deal with troublesome teenagers. Karl recounts stories of his own youth, including his short-lived dancing career. Originally Broadcast: 25 January 2003


arranged marriagesuper

#8. Bogged Down In Office Politics - [00:43:43]

The final clip is the infamous urban legends discussion, which begins with Ricky and Steve asking Karl who actually talks to in the week. They exchange some well known legends, Karl fails to convince Ricky and Steve as to their accuracy, however he remains open-minded. Originally Broadcast: 27 April 2002





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