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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Episode 24 Aired 01 February 2003

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Karl slags off clairvoyants, Ricky slags off God and Stephen slags off Karl (then punches him in the arm). The birth of Karl in a Film.


#1. I Don't Like Ear Plugs - [00:00:00]

Karl's grumpy because he's from the North and the builders woke him up. Discussion of the pros and cons of ear plugs. What would it be like for snails who get 13 years sleep.


jobkarlkarl Pilkingtonrecordsocietytalking

#2. It's Bringing the Show Down - [00:03:40]

Two new competitions to come. Steve wants to stop Rockbusters and Ricky recalls some classic highlights. Ricky's excited about their new film-based quiz. Win The Sixth Sense. A blind clairvoyant on Christian's breakfast show was a bit rubbish. Karl's got thoughts about people who wear glasses, including Steve. Steve punches Karl.


clairvoyantJustin Timberlakethe sixth sense

#3. Would Anyone Want a Kid That Much? - [00:09:41]

Ricky starts with a fake proper DJ intro. People are mistaken who want to be Ricky's mate. Imagine sharing a prison cell with him. Ricky and Karl were out in the week and discussed reproduction with a squid. Suzanne can understand why Karl and Ricky are mates. Identical twins who marry identical twins: would their kid look the same? Siamese twins who have affairs. Selfish Siamese twins.


Discussionidentical twins

#4. Karl is a Frustrated Actor - [00:17:36]

New competition time: Karl in The Sixth Sense.


#5. - [00:21:33]

Suggested competition title: The Twix Sense. Send in ideas for films. Karl's never liked having to show his workings because he usually can't. Karl's got "proof" of his monkey story from last week but Ricky and Steve are incredulous. Karl's so overworked he can't sort out monkey information. Springsteen for Martin Freeman.


brokeninternetmonkeyPapa Garcia

#6. One of the Biggest Radio Stations in the Building - [00:26:41]

The Twix Sense is the most popular competition to date; they play it again. Francis or Frances whose mum is the only one who remembered his birthday. Richard Anderson emails in.


#7. We've Got the Best Fans in the World - [00:32:21]

Holly-wouldn't. Suggestions for film roles for Karl. Karl's got a plan for Rockbusters. Rockbusters prizes and clues, including one with a sound effect. Ricky makes up titles for upcoming features.


Neil WilsonRicky Gervais

#8. This is Mentalists - [00:37:02]

Time for Chimpanzee That and a monkey called "Crap". Name a monkey Ted or Dave instead. Part 1 discussion of the 3000 year old Neanderthal Man found frozen in ice.



#9. The Premise Means It's Not True - [00:42:06]

The truth is more interesting than wish fulfillment. A ghost that can turn custard into wine. Iceman discussion part 2. Karl's annoyed that time, effort, and money were spent on the frozen old man. Ricky does Columbo. What if scientists dug up Karl. What if aliens abduct Karl.


#10. Can We Experiment on Karl? - [00:49:15]

Rockbusters answers. Ricky advises the winner sells his prizes bag of shite to Record and Tape Exchange for one album. Karl is scared of the human body. Tattoo Stan and the man who saved his father's tattoo after he died. Our kid had a tattoo and an earring. Karl's Sister in the car park.


Bonnie Tyler



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