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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 1

Episode 13 Aired 23 February 2002

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Some posh lads come as part of a scavenger hunt, Karl struggles to remember Mogwai, but... speaks English quite good.


#1. 9000 Points If They Cut Peter Stringfellow’s Hair - [00:00:00]

The boys prepare us for the arrival of some posh lads, who are scavenging for charity, by analysing their challenges.


charitykarl Pilkingtonlive radio showworld

#2. The Twat In The Hat - [00:03:08]

We learn a little about Suzanne: she's a journalist, but not like a proper one, and she's upset with Karl's new found fame as an 'idiot'. This prompts Karl's telling of the Little Donkey story, the highs and lows of drumming at his school nativity play, and how to contact alien life forms with 'Oggy, Oggy, Oggy'.


Dianalittle donkeypieceWorld Cup

#3. What Were The Things In Gremlins? - [00:09:23]

Call Steve at home if you want his opinion on hip hop, White Van Man questions about Kylie versus Dido; taxes rising to pay for NHS improvements is OK by Karl because his dad was in hospital once (where Karl got his first gig on Hospital Radio); and the infamous "What were the things in Gremlins called?" question.


#4. Skoe And Belch - [00:14:20]

The posh lads join our heroes to discuss their scavenger hunt challenge, turn down kissing Karl and talk about what kind of music they like. Rubbish music - they give a big shout out to S Club 7 in the hopes of getting on stage with them. Did they? We neither know nor care.



#5. Snakes Are Deaf - [00:18:53]

White Van Karl continues, Karl is pleased about the British Olympic gold medal for curling, but not the hype that's followed; the world's tallest man has just turned up in Neasden, and should get his tumour sorted according to Karl and finally the British climate is changing, making it hospitable for more exotic wildlife, but Karl is not pleased. He'd rather have bad weather and avoid deadly snakes.


#6. Bad Lyrics By Good Artists - [00:23:11]

Steve thinks corny songs are preferable to pretentious twoddle, Ricky and Steve break down the plot of Enrique Iglesias' Hero video. Followed by adverts!!!!


#7. It's That Point In The Show - [00:25:19]

Ricky wants to play classics; the Song For The Lovers track is written by Jimmy Webb with his lovely arse. What?


song for the lovers

#8. They Just Wheel You Out - [00:26:48]

Steve hopes nu-metal fans can appreciate these classic songs, and Karl tries to plug Ian Camfield's show, to the displeasure of Rick and Steve. Karl gets upset, and Steve orders him to switch his microphone off and stop interrupting Ricky telling us about Camfield. He does, they forgive Karl and more ads!!!!


Jack Daniels

#9. English Quite Good - [00:28:40]

Karl had trouble filling out a job application, misunderstanding the 'language' section. He's making an effort by nearly remembering the name of Slobodan Milosevic. Listeners learn that Karl never got his GCSE exam results; he thinks he took English, Maths, Art and Physics, but can't remember it well and he doesn't believe in revision. What's bugging Karl is, how do you put down a snake? You can pick it up because it's deaf, but putting it down? Who knows. Back to academia and next week, on this very show, live on-air, we will find out Karl's exam results... oh yeah, he didn't collect them because he had to use gold ink in his printing job that day.


englishlearn english

#10. Bruce Lee Is Not Dead - [00:36:44]

Bruce Lee faked his death to work as an undercover cop and Karl makes some good old-fashioned racist comments.


Bruce Leeginger

#11. Ricky Won't Diss Steve or His Black Queen - [00:40:48]

Dilated Peoples do a trail for Steve.


#12. There Has To Be Shit Involved - [00:42:30]

Steve remembers Snoop Dogg lyrics, did Elvis fake his death?


bitch assElvisElvis PresleyFBI

#13. I Don't Think You'll be Going Back to the Fish Factory - [00:47:47]

Ricky admits he knows what Karl was thinking with his Mowgli comment, and says Karl would relax him. The low aspirations of Family Fortunes contestants are discussed as well as Ian Moore, "Naturally". Ricky insults the Duchess of York and Steve claims he wrote Lady In Red. Song for the Lovers is early pre-gravely Tom Waits.


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