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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 1

Episode 9 Aired 19 January 2002

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Ricky and Steve recount embarrassing personal stories, Karl gets opinionated and the idea for 'White Van Karl' is born.


#1. That's The Third One Today - [00:03:50]

Ricky covers for time by reading the playlist, but has nothing else prepared. Steve envisions Karl as a Garfield car toy, leading to Ricky's memories of throwing frogs at windows. Discussion of Karl looking like Moby and Ricky's tales of driving around with his mates and knocking over motorcyclists.


pigTom Binns

#2. My Parents Had A Big Volvo - [00:10:21]

Steve borrows his parents' car to 'cruise down' to a party, the chick he has his eye on is playing hard to get by completely ignoring him. Steve's having a terrible time when someone suggests picking up "Vera", he takes a couple of guys and the girl he fancies out into the middle of a field, when out of nowhere, they come back with a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig they'd nicked. They head back to the party but Steve has trouble with a three point turn, getting the Volvo stuck, Steve gets tearful, then weeps, before another guy jumps in and saves the day, stealing Steve's 'girl'. Discussion of pig anatomy ensues, as well as the jumping power of fleas. Remember Tom Binns.


#3. You Can Have A Moody Canary - [00:15:52]

Karl discusses "Mr Exorcist", a TV show which confirms his belief in the supernatural. A budgie is a bit depressed about a ghost, so the exorcist sorts it out and the budgie cheers up. Ricky and Steve are converted.


driving licence

#4. You Need An Haircut, You Look Like A Scruffy Get - [00:19:04]

Further dissection of "Mr Exorcist". Karl has an opinion on everything, Steve appeals for queries from listeners into Karl's opinions on various topics. Steve labels Karl "our white van man". 'That Film Sounds Good' track is Livin' For The City by Stevie Wonder from Jungle Fever, requested by Martin.


hip hop hooray

#5. Who Else Is Blind? - [00:21:37]

Stevie Wonder has a driving license according to Karl, or has he, Karl can't remember, it might be another blind person. Steve and Ricky question the ability of blind people to drive, Karl retracts his claim.


National Trust

#6. There's A Time And A Place For It - [00:26:49]

Listeners love Karl, is he the new Will McDonald or Gordon the Gopher? Karl used to have his own show - a phone-in. Karl's thoughts on nudism, Steve and the Starling massacre. Karl ruminates on a show about an old naturist, who was wandering down a main road. Why couldn't Barbie be real and other illogical questions.


David Bowie

#7. I Had One Apple And Listened To Primal Scream - [00:32:09]

Incubus tickets giveaway, Ricky is worried about the Nu-Metal/Rock fusion, which Karl hates. Karl's listening choices: Ash in the morning; Magic FM in the evening. How does Karl envision the apocalypse playing out? He's not keen on it, so he opts for cryogenic freezing. If he had to kiss a woman with a fish body or a horse body, Karl would choose the fish.


#8. Our Listeners Have Got Open Minds - [00:36:13]

Steve isn't interested in 'cool', obviously, or what is traditionally handsome, he cares about what he likes. Ricky sets an Incubus tickets question, which London tube station has no vowels, or one vowel, it doesn't matter because he can't remember the answer anyway. Of Dr Fox on Pop Idol, Ricky and Steve approve but he wears too much blusher.


#9. Let's Keep Up This Veneer Of Professionalism - [00:40:17]

Ricky and Steve recall Ricky's Razzmatazz story to provide a question for the Incubus tickets, Lindsay from Clapham Junction gives Buck's Fizz as the correct answer to the question 'which band tried to sneak Ricky onto a plane'. She swaps the tickets for a T-shirt, which are given to Dan who already heard the answer but definitely ISN'T cheating. Steve and Ricky cover whilst Karl talks to a caller.


#10. Is That Cumberland Pie for £5.95? - [00:47:13]

Ricky's brother loves Gran Turismo. Steve's tube tales: a flapping maintenance panel leads Steve to act responsible, but the person he reports it to is rather discourteous. Steve and his mates find a suspicious bag left outside a pub, the landlord covers it with a sandwich board. The cops show up and teach Steve one hell of a lesson. Ricky and his mate get insulted by the police, the word 'prats' is involved. Ricky makes a fool of himself unintentionally, Steve also does, intentionally.


#11. You Make Yourself Look A Cock And Me Look A Twat - [00:48:55]

Ricky and Steve wrap up with a bit of swearing.




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