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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 1

Episode 16 Aired 16 March 2002

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The first segment in this show is often missing.


#1. Wurzel Comeback - [00:00:00]

After exchanging pleasantries ("Stupid Fat Face", "You Goggle-eyed Freak"), Ricky likens Steve to a Wurzel, then challenges the listener to phone in if they know what he's talking about. Ricky boasts there's a great show ahead of them, but then admits he is bluffing. Steve wonders how a 'best of' CD from Toni Basil (of 'Hey Mickey'-fame) ended up in the Xfm library.


awardRickyTom O'Connorwheelchair

#2. Pudding Sponsored by Electrolux - [00:04:07]

Johnny Mango calls to let Ricky know one of the Wurzels is dead, killed by a tractor. Karl speculates how bad it would be to kill someone famous. Ricky and Steve went to the TRIC awards, emceed by Tom O'Conner, who started the evening with grace. Thank you to all the celebrities. Lifetime achievement award given to Gloria Hunniford, who's not spoken to her daughter for ages.


HitlerMariah Careyrecord

#3. Testicles (Absence Of) - [00:11:38]

Karl's been studying Hitler ("they're all linked"). Karl's more confident in his lottery numbers this week and doesn't understand basic Maths.



#4. He Rid Ireland of Foxes - [00:15:53]

Steve hates St. Patrick's Day. The boys will be off through May and June to record the 2nd series of The Office, but Karl doesn't want to take over. Karl's not sure what St. Patrick rid Ireland of, and Ricky tries to teach Karl grammar, to Steve's disapproval. Would your eyes fly out if you sneezed with them open?


David Bowie

#5. Took the Literary World By Surprise - [00:21:31]

Steve reads from the TRIC programme and makes more fun of Tom O'Conner. Reminiscing about their favourite Crosswits presenters. Ricky does David Bowie and Ian Camfield impressions.


Freddie Mercury

#6. She Wasn't Injured! - [00:25:47]

The show lacks sound effects, but Karl's too busy reading about Hitler. White Van Karl: Will Young admitting he is gay; the police protesting to Parliament over reforms; Britney Spears may be cracking up; should celebrities have more privacy? First account of the True Bathroom Story, with Zoe Harris and Karl as grownups in infant school.


#7. Ask Me Some Stuff On Hitler - [00:33:55]

Karl gives a lengthy report on Hitler, but knew more that morning. Next week is Winston Churchill but Karl's getting bored with learning. Karl already knows something about Churchill though: he can remember being in the womb and he was born in a public toilet.



#8. 17 Quadrillion Gallons - [00:40:42]

Ricky and Steve ponder the Hindenburg's helium, and Karl wonders if their voices went funny. Karl doesn't like being forced to read about these historical figures. Ricky does some more homemade sound effects. What is Karl's favourite thing in the world? Little interesting bits. Karl can bring any subject around to monkeys. What happened to the sound effect guy from Police Academy?



#9. Oh, the Humanity - [00:46:22]

Listeners get in touch to correct Ricky and Steve on their Hindenburg error - it was filled with hydrogen, not helium. It would take 6000 helium balloons to lift a human - will anyone sponsor the show to lift Karl?


#10. Lift Karl, Lift Karl - [00:49:41]

Ricky is getting incredibly excited about the idea of lifting Karl into the air with balloons. Steve tries to talk them out of it with the logistical details but Ricky is unswayed. Ricky hasn't been this excited since he thought Robin Ince was going to stay in his cupboard.


helium balloonsJonathan David

#11. Proving Mrs Matthews Wrong - [00:55:09]

Johnny Mango calls back with the record details: 11,631 feet is the world record for raising a man in the air by balloon. Even Karl is getting excited, and they all are going to work on making it happen.




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