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The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 1

Episode 23 Aired 04 May 2002

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The Series Finale and listeners have been emailing in suggestions for Karl's Swap Shop, he's also put through his paces in his very own Room 101 and Ricky's upset at having no-one to annoy for four months.


#1. The Queen Mum Used To Have A Right Mouth On Her - [00:00:00]

Karl blasphemes and then recalls Steve and Ricky telling him stories about the Queen Mum swearing like a trooper, which was actually a joke, Karl didn't realise.


awardbowiecarDavid BowiegreatNeil Young

#2. A Bronze Is Pointless - [00:02:54]

The show won a bronze 'Entertainment Award' at the Sony Awards, but why did they bother? Karl compares getting a bronze to coming in last in a marathon. They then go on to discuss the Olympics, ridiculous trivia, Steve in the high jump and how disabled people constantly cheat and lie.


LondonLondon Eyenice

#3. You Have The Hair Of A Chinaman - [00:09:10]

Steve discusses winning a silver medal in the high jump at school, and what a weirdo he looked like back then, which seamlessly leads to a discussion of Karl's former hair, which, according to a railroad barber was like a Chinaman's.



#4. Steve Merchant And His Boyfriend Karl - [00:15:23]

Steve brings up the £200 he was paid for DJing at an Xfm gig, which he definitely WILL declare to the Inland Revenue, Ricky and Steve are the victims of Liquid News' shady editing of The Sony Awards coverage, at which Karl had to convince some fans he wasn't gay. Ricky recalls winding Karl up about being Steve's 'partner' and him and Steve then trick Karl into confessing his love for Jonathan Ross. Bender.


Jonathan RossWalk in

#5. Room 102 - [00:19:49]

Karl's Room 101 choices get underway, Steve thinks Ricky should be a permanent fixture in there, much like The Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare on Desert Island Discs. Karl's first choice is rich people who haven't earnt their money, or fat ankles, or girls who go to shoe shops. It's not that specific, but involves the reality show 'Young, Posh and Loaded'. His second choice is rudeness from supermarket employees, who don't say 'hello', 'goodbye' or 'that's our most popular bread'. Ricky agrees as politeness costs nothing, but he would not want to get into a full on chat with someone at the checkout.



#6. Walk Like An Egypt Bloke - [00:29:15]

Karl tells the story of lizards in Egypt that make holes in the sand in the desert. They hide in these holes but are in danger because a local Egypt bloke takes them out and uses them to make shoes. He says that scorpions also like to go into the holes and protect the lizards from the lizard hunter.



#7. The Great Pilkoni - [00:39:13]

The guys discuss Stars In Their Eyes and how no-one becomes famous due to it. Karl recalls a talent show where he dressed as a woman and danced and then done some magic.


Chris de Burghmonkey

#8. Make A Necklace From Electrical Wire - [00:48:50]

The gang run a competition to win a bag from the Sony's signed by many celebrities. In order to win this prize they have to offer Karl things that they think will enhance his life.


remote controltrade secrets

#9. Your Belly Acids Don't Kill Hairs - [00:56:56]

Karl chooses a book about urban legends and explains his choice by recounting the tale of a girl with a hairball the size of a rat in her stomach.


#10. If You Wanna Know More About The Midget Themed Restaurant - [01:00:54]

His last Room 101 entry and this one is holidays. He tells of a holiday where he and his girlfriend went to a restaurant that was run by midgets. Karl then says that one of them was chatting up Suzanne. Karl also hints that someone from Liverpool was partially responsible for his hatred of holidays but runs out of time before he can go into detail. As it is the last show of the series Karl gives a gift to Ricky and a gift to Steve. He gives Ricky a Mr. Ben's book of fables and Steve a book of chat-up lines.





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