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The Ricky Gervais Podcast, Series 5

Episode 3 Released 15 September 2008

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Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss the growing problem of obesity. Ricky tells an anecdote from when he was in his early twenties and he tried to make a suit out of gold curtains.


#1. Oi, Fatty! - [00:00:00]

Ricky talks about childhood obesity being a huge problem and teachers are now allowed to weigh the kids and send letters home to parents if they're obese. Steve and Ricky are skeptical about this approach since the parents are usually no better than their kids. Ricky thinks there isn't enough of a stigma about being fat anymore; he thinks people should yell, "Fatty!" at him when he walks down the street. Steve is always surprised to see lists where Ricky is the ideal dinner guest. Steve brings up how Ricky has changed over the years since his twenties and Karl wonders if it annoys Jane. Ricky feels he has reached a new low as he is wearing pants with an elasticated waistband.



#2. Emmy SWAG - [00:11:22]

Ricky wonders why designers contact his agent to dress him for awards ceremonies. Steve assumes they have been contacted by the Emmy people to make sure he looks presentable. Ricky then talks about getting free stuff at the Emmys which annoys Steve because he was left out. Steve feels like the kid in The Pied Piper and Ricky thinks that kid dodged a bullet because he wasn't locked away with a paedophile.


#3. Ricky's Curtain Suit - [00:14:02]

Ricky discusses his fashion taste as a student, including his mistakes. His default look was New Romantic with dyed black hair and eyeliner. The poor years followed from age 22 to 29, where he only had 16 quid per week, not enough for new clothes. Ricky then tells a story about how he attempted to make a suit out of gold curtains by drawing around his legs to make the trousers and throwing the other curtain around his shoulders as a cape.


new romantic

#4. Mangos, Plums, and Gooseberries - [00:21:39]

Karl thinks the problem is that food is too nice and people don't eat because they're hungry anymore. Ricky stopped eating because he was hungry a long time ago. Karl is annoyed that a friend's baby was eating a mango. Karl thinks that if you take the light out of the refrigerator it will cut down on obesity. Then Karl tells about a man from Africa who came to England and preferred to eat porridge rather than doughnuts. Karl wonders why he gets an urge for plums; he thinks his body calls out for them because he'd rather have an apple. Karl thinks there is too much fruit and they're sticking it everywhere to get rid of it.





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