Russell Brand's Radio X Competition

Russell Brand recently started a competition on his Radio X show where the person who can get the most people to subscribe to the shows podcast can go along to the Radio X studio in Leicester Square to meet Russell, Matt and Gee and watch them do their radio show, and if I can get the most people to subscribe, I'll let one of you go in my place!

Here's what you need to do:

Before you can do anything, please sign in via Facebook or Twitter

Step 1:

Subscribe to the podcast:

Leave a 5 star review on iTunes, and be sure to include the phrase "I subscribed because of" or something similar I can use as proof.

If you've never left a review on iTunes before, you'll be asked to enter a nickname, keep note of this for step 2

If you've already left a review for the show, you can edit it by clicking the "Write a Review" button.

Step 2:

Enter your name, email and iTunes nickname into the boxes below:

Once you've followed these steps, click the button beow:

What happens next?

If enough people participate, I will count up how many people have subscribed and send the total amount off to Radio X, and assuming we were able to get more subscribers than anyone else, I will pick a person at random to go in my place and win a visit to the studio, but you must mention in your iTunes review otherwise I can't prove that I got you to subscribe.

You'll probably even be able to take friends along with you too, but don't hold me to that.

Disclaimer: This probably won't work, but it's worth a try