Premium Membership

Benefits of a Premium Membership:

* No Ads

All ads will be removed to give a much cleaner feel and help improve the overall speed of the website.

Enhanced Search Results

With enhanced search results enabled, the following will be added to each search result:

  • Chapter count
  • Quote count
  • Tag count
  • Credit count
  • Where the match was found
  • Add to favourites button
  • Add to playlist button
  • Resume playback button...

AND... Search instances.

Search instances are incredibly useful for finding the exact moment you're looking for within a show. It's also a feature unique to our site. Essentially, search instances allow you to actually search within an mp3 file.

Your search term will be analysed, keywords and phrases extracted, and our database of auto-generated show transcripts searched for a match. Not only can we tell you if a match is found and how many times, but we can actually pin-point the exact moment a match is said. The first instance of a match can be previewed from within the search resuls. [fig 1]

Search instances can also be accessed outside of the search page. You will notice a search box at the top right of each shows page, allowing you to search that show for instances of a word or phrase.

Found instances and timestamps will be displayed in a list. Simply click a row to play that instance. [fig 2]


Create your own playlists and add any shows you want. You can manage all your playlists from your control panel, with the ability to:

  • Play back a playlist (in order or randomized)
  • Reorder the shows
  • Add individual notes to shows in your playlists
  • Provide descriptions for your playlists
  • Change your playlist privacy settings
  • Share your playlists
  • Remove shows
  • Delete playlists

By default, new playlists are set to private, and can only be seen by you. However, you can change the privacy of any playlist, switching between:

  1. Private - only you can see the playlist
  2. Unlisted - anyone can see the playlist, but only if you share it with them
  3. Public - your playlist will be listen on our public playlists page for anyone to see

Premium members have the option to save other users public playlists. Making it easy to keep track of the playlists you enjoy.

You can add shows to your playlist by clicking the "Add to playlist" button found throughout the site. [fig 4]

My Favourites

"My Favourites" is a playlist we automatically create for all new premium members. But unlike a regular playlist, "My Favourites" has its own dedicated page in your control panel, and you'll find a "favourite button" throughout the site, allowing you to add or remove shows in just one click. [fig 5]

By default, "My Favourites" is set to private, but you change the privacy and share just like a regular playlist.

My History

Watch History: Keep track of what you've watched and see how many times you've watched a particular show.

Download History: Keep track of what you've downloaded and see how many times you've downloaded a particular show.

Resume Playback

This feature will remember the position at which you stopped listening to any show and resume playback from that position the next time you listen.

Shows that have a saved playback position will be indicated by a blue "Resume" button and a progress bar indicating how much of the show has already been viewed. [fig 6]

Enhanced Tags

Tags are relevant words or phrases associated with each show, and are displayed on each shows page under the "Tags" tab. Regular tags simply display these words and phrases, and when clicked redirect to the search page to look for other shows with the same or similar tags.

Enhanced tags display a number indicating how many times the tag is said or referenced in any given show. Clicking an enhanced tag will jump to the first instance of that tag being said or referenced, and a list of timestamps for any other instances will appear. Enhanced tags still retain the ability to redirect to the search page too. [fig 7]

* Video Downloads

Premium members can download any videos hosted by us.

* Access to our .ZIP archives

Rather than downloading individual mp3 files for a particular album, you can download a single .zip file containing all the mp3s for that album, saving you a lot of time. Links to all our zip files can be found in The Archive, but are only accessible to Premium Members.

Unsure what a zip file is? Click here for more information.

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Enhanced Search Results

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My Favourites

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Resume Playback

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Enhanced Tags

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