Regarding podrot (and the podcast feed) I regret to inform you that both have been taken offline permanently.

The podcast feed was launched in April 2017 and I didn't expect the feed to grow in popularity the way it has over the last few years. Somehow it's listened to in over 80 countries by 40,000 people and generates 15TB+ of bandwidth a month. All of which costs money.

Me being too proud, I've never asked for financial support. I did setup a premium membership feature on, however only a small number of people ever used it. But the truth is, since the feed was launched I've spent over £600 of my own money keeping it online. 

It's also important to remember that everything on the feed (and was copyrighted, and the more popular the feed grew the greater the risk of a DMCA lawsuit being filed against me became. What was supposed to be a niche feed grew into something much bigger than I ever expected. It's a miracle the feed was ever approved in the first place, or stayed online for over 2 years.

As for In late 2017 Google removed the podrot YouTube channel from their partner program and disabled our AdSense account due to copyrighted content. So I haven't made a single penny in Google ad revenue since 2017 (any ads you see on our YouTube videos are because they've been copyright claimed). I did experimented with affiliate links for a while and managed to generate a grand total of £3.06. Plus the site was developed in 2015 and is constantly breaking and requires alot of maintenance, none of which I have time for.

I'm sorry it has come to this, but I just can't afford to keep or the podcast feed online anymore or risk any legal repercussions.

For those considering some sort of "GoFundMe" campaign to show their appreciation and reimburse me for the money I've personally spent over the last two and a half years keeping and the podcast feed online... There's really no need. I never set out to make money from (I was happy just as along as it paid for itself, which it did for a while, but I always knew I'd probably end up out of pocket). Podrot was a passion project that grew much larger than I ever expected, and whilst I appreciate people offering donations, I feel your money would be much better off being donated to charities rather than me. What's happened in the past has been and gone:

(Split 5 ways)