About us

Podrot is an archive of nostalgic British comedy podcasts and radio shows.

The aim of podrot was to create an online archive with a difference. For over a decade fans have been uploading and archiving radio recording and podcasts from all our featured artists. But these archives are often hard to find or incomplete. We've tried to bring every known recording by these artists into one place, and as well as being an online archive, we're also an online catalogue. And thanks to years of hard work from fan-based communities like Pilkipedia, The Matt Morgan Appreciation Society and adamandjoe.com, we've been able to source and index an ever-growing database of information and trivia for all 889 shows currently hosted on our site.

Unlike a conventional archive, we don't just provide mp3 download links. All our shows have been indexed and catalogued in meticulous detail, allowing users to lookup or search for any show we host and read a description, chapter breakdown, ratings, quotes, tags and comments from other users.

Our goal is to build an online community of fans, and continue to update and document our shows. For many years these shows have brought joy and laughter to countless fans, and they deserve to be archived and preserved for many more years to come.

  • If you have a suggestion or request for other artists you'd like us to archive, please get in touch.
  • For a breakdown of features available on our site, and how best to use them, read our FAQ page.
  • For a list of websites needed to make our site possible, see our credits page.