Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What does "podrot" mean?

"Podrot" is a noun, it means podcast related brainrot. Basically, anything that reminds you of something from one of the shows we host can be classed as podrot.

The term was coined by the good people over at the Matt Morgan Appreciation Society on Facebook. Who by exactly I'm not sure. If it was you or you know who it was, get in touch for a name check!

How do I create an account?

You don't need to, you can simply login using your existing Facebook or Twitter account. Click the "Sign in" link in the navigation bar to connected to your Facebook or Twitter.

What information do you get from my Facebook/Twitter?

Just your basic profile information; first name, last name, gender, profile url, avatar url and verified email address. We can't make posts or see any sensitive information.

Can't I create an account by choosing a username and providing my email?

No, sorry. You'll need either a pre-existing Facebook or Twitter account to sign in. It's just quicker this way, plus more secure as we don't have to faff about with email verification or password protection.

Do I need to pick a username once I sign in?

We actually generate one for you based on your social media username. But you can change this to anything you like. Plus, it won't actually be used unless you make an edit that requires crediting, or create a public playlist. You can change your username on the My Account page.

What payment methods do you accept when buying a premium membership?

We use PayPal recurring payments, monthly or yearly. We don't accept anything else at the moment.

If I buy a premium membership, will I have to wait for someone to activate it?

Nope. The process is instant. Your account is updated as soon as your payment is confirmed by PayPal.

When can I cancel my premium membership?

At any time. Simply go to your premium settings and click the red "Cancel My Premium Membership" button. A confirmation box will appear, click "Cancel Membership" in the confirmation box to confirm. After a second or two, a green message should appear confirming your cancelation. We'll also send an email confirming this too.

Premium features will remain active until what would have been your next billing date. At which point they will be deactivated.

You can sign up for a premium membership again at any time.

Note: You can aslo cancel your membership from your PayPal account. Instructions avaialble here.

Will you ever increase my premium membership price?

No. The price you agree to pay on the date of purchase is the price you'll pay for the life of the account, even if prices go up for new users.

Why do searches sometimes take so long?

Probably because you have "Search Instances" enabled. It's a really useful feature but it doesn't half drain our database speed.

We have auto-generated transcripts for most of our shows, and to get search instances we must look through these transcripts, all 9.93 MILLION WORDS (that's not a typo). But that's what databases are designed for; manipulating huge amounts of data. Unfortunately for us, our site (at the time of writing) uses something called "shared hosting". This means a lot of other websites share the same database as us. It's not ideal, but it is affordable.

Search Instances are part of the Enhanced Search Results feature (premium only). However, it's possible to disable just the search instances but keep the other enhanced search results features working. You can do this by disabling search instances in your site settings, or alternativly, just turn enhanced search results off completley from the main search page to speed up your searches.

Where can I find transcripts of the shows?

They're not published. We use voice recognition technology to generate our transcripts automatically. This type of technology has come a long way in recent years, but it's still not great. Our transcripts are mostly unreadable, but they're great for helping with searches. has transcripts for most of the Ricky Gervais XFM shows (transcribed by hand).

How do I edit show content?

This is a feature that will be coming soon. You'll need to be logged in (any account type) and they'll probably be little edit icons next to things you can change, I'm not sure... but any changes you makes will need to be approved.

You'll also be asked if you'd like to be credited. This means your username and a brief description of how you contributed will go in the "credits" tab for that show.

How do I rate a playlist?

You don't. Playlist ratings are generated by taking all the shows contained within and combining their likes/dislikes to find the mean. So to rate a playlist, you need to like or dislike the shows contained within that playlist.

I've created a public playlist but it's not showing on the playlists page, why?

You need to add 3 or more shows to a public playlist before it will show on the main playlist page.

If I set one of my public playlist to private, will people who have a copy of the playlist link still be able to see it?

No. A private playlist can only be seen by you. Even if someone saved the playlist link, it won't show for them.

If you want to remove a playlist from our public playlists page, but still allow people you've shared the list with in the past to access it, change the playlist privacy to "Unlisted".

I was redirected here from, what's going on?

Well first of all, was an (unofficial) archive of podcasts released by the BBC every week for the Russell Brand Radio Show, created in 2008. It became very popular and widely shared after Russell was taken off air in October 2008. In December 2015, The Matt Morgan Appreciation society had a bit of a panic when the domain expired. Whoever created the archive had either forgot about it, or didn't wish to pay to have the domain renewed. And as such it went offline. Quick to the rescue, the creator of recreated the archive and hosted it on his own private domain, and so was born, but so was the idea for this site.

With now complete, all traffic from the backup-archive is being redirected here. Users can still access the backup-archive here, although it’s no longer maintained, and all the shows hosted on there are also hosted here too.

I signed up using Twitter, but I've decided I'm going to delete my Twitter account now. Is it possible to use Facebook to login to my account instead?

Yes. But you'll need to get in touch.

I've decided to delete both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Can I still login?

No. No you can't.

What content management system does the site use?

It doesn't. It's all custom coded.

Is mobile friendly?

To a point, yes. We use the Bootstrap framework, which is designed to be responsive on mobile devices. But a lot of our pages contain vast amounts of data (the archive, for example) and trying to view them on a mobile phone just isn't going to end well.

Our site is optimized for desktop browsing.

Can I delete my account?

Of course. It's not a built in function, but get in touch and we'll delete all records of your account.

Who created

Although I often refer to the running of as "us" or "we", it is in fact just I, me.

By the way, these are just questions I thought people might like to know. If you have an actual question you'd like me to answer, please get in touch.

Is your logo available to download?

SVG / PNG - Feel free to use it as you wish. We would appreciate an email though if you plan on publishing something about the site. Contact us.